1. You have a great new idea!

This is the beginning of something great – even though you have at least 10 other unfinished projects...

2. Time to outline.

You tell yourself not to stress or overthink everything. This part is kind of fun.

3. You’ve fleshed out every detail of the locations or specific characters.

But the plot? That's a bit vague.

4. You've imagined tons of concrete, detailed scenes.

There are lots of events already fleshed out in your mind… but how do you get from one to the other?

5. Okay... now you're starting to birth too many characters.

You need someone to do that one thing, so that your main character will want to do that other thing.

6. You don’t want to commit the deadly sin of using a character as a plot device, but sometimes it feels inevitable.

7. Progress begins to slow... and you doubt that this idea was even good to begin with.

8. Wow. So many distractions.

*looks at Marvel memes for the next 2 hours*

9. "Does this dialogue seem realistic?"

You've asked yourself this at least a thousand times.

10. Suddenly a new idea pops into your head... and the cycle restarts.