Profiles by VICE released a brief documentary delving into the life of twenty-something year old Cambo -- America's own modern-day caveman.

While most people turn to modern civilization and social media to handle their stress, Cambo has a different technique.

Over the years, he developed his primitive nature skills. He notes that he rarely felt safe at home and found comfort in the Alabama wilderness.

Following his parents' divorce, Cambo took to the only thing he knew best: the woods.

"Well, Mamma worked four jobs, and while she's working as much as she is, I learned how to shoot shot guns, I learned how to climb trees, [...] chase down rabbits, I learned how to smoke out squirrels. I learned the woods."

His main goal was to wait out his adolescence until he was old enough to live in civilization on his own. To avoid being forced back into his old life, Cambo spent the next two years living in the forest: no traffic, no people -- just pure outdoors.

"While I was out there, I didn't know how old I was. After you live in the woods for two years," says Cambo, "I think you kind of gain a certain appreciation for the world."

He was never afraid to sleep alone in the woods -- if anything, it makes him feel more secure, especially within the walls of a cave he discovered because there's only one way in and out.

However, his life hasn't been as simple as it may seem.

"Just like every good story, there's a plot twist. I met a girl."

Cambo details his relationship with a girl he saw standing in the river one day. "Needless to say, we fell in love and started having sex," he says. "Well, she got impregnated, and that's when I decided it was time to come out of the woods."

He decided to work for his uncle in order to support his new family, until she left him and took their child with her.

According to Cambo, she's told his mother that her wish is for their son to never know who his father is.

Feeling alone once again, Cambo did the only thing he knew to do and returned to the woods, where he plans to stay for a while.

"I can't tell you what the stock market looks like; I can't even really tell you what the f*** the stock market is, but I'll tell you this: when it hits the fan and your own house is with no power and you're miserable, I'll be out here with a smile on my face."

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