6 Thoughts On 'Venom'
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6 Thoughts On 'Venom'

The good, but mostly the bad and the ugly.

6 Thoughts On 'Venom'
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The 'Venom' movie came out on Friday, October 5th to disappointed audiences everywhere. Here are my thoughts on the movie:

1. The first act is the worst screenwriting I have ever heard

I have seen some absolutely garbage movies in my life, from the infamously bad 'The Room' to the unintentionally awful and absolute disaster that is 'Movie 43'. But no matter how many times I hear "oh hi mark" or "you're tearing me apart Lisa, none of it will ever compare to the terrible dialogue that is in the first act of the Venom movie. The dialogue is so baseline and just in general awful that I was physically cringing away from the screen. High School English students could write better dialogue than the three screenwriters that wrote the script for it.

*Eddie Brock breaks his leg* *the venom thing heals it*

"wait what my leg was broken and now its fine what is going on"

The aforementioned is just a small sample of how bad the dialogue was.

2. Most parts are miscast


Most everyone who has seen the movie agrees that Riz Ahmed was not right for the role of Carlton Drake. Part of the problem was the script for him did not do him any favors for the role however. He was not stoic, nor intimidating, nor a mastermind villain, he had no pull other than that he was sort of a sociopath. Tom Hardy was a good pick for Eddie Brock but again with how terrible the screen play was it was not worth him turning down other major roles in favor of this movie. Michelle Williams as Eddie Brock's love interest was good but her character was (again) poorly written and unconvincing. Another poor casting was Jenny Slate as Dr. Dora Skirth. For those who dont know who she is, she plays Mona Lisa, who is Jean Ralphio's sister in Parks and Rec, and really the only thing that differentiates those two characters is the Dr wears glasses. Her character needed to be someone strong who takes a stand and she just was not. Overall most of the casting for this movie was very poor, and again the screenwriting did not do any favors.

3. Should have been aiming for an R rating.


One of the movie's biggest problems was how restricted they were in aiming for a PG-13 Rating as opposed to an R rating. The 3 comic book movie adaptations that have been R rated, Deadpool 1 & 2 and Logan, have been massive successes as well as fan favorites, as more adult characters were given more of an adult movie. Instead, in the odd hopes by Sony to get the movie added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they decided to keep it at PG-13. This meant that the movie gave off a mixed tone of trying to be dark and ominous while keeping it kid-friendly enough.

4. The best scene is at the very end.

Everyone's favorite scene from the trailer was the "we are venom" line. It had absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the movie and was just something thrown in at the end for fan service presumably.

5. Venom isn't Venom without Spiderman.


Well this is the most obvious problem from the whole base of this movie. Venom as a stand alone movie without the influence of Spiderman on the movie. The animosity between Venom and Spiderman comes from the fact that Peter Parker rejected the Venom Symbiote and it went on to find Eddie Brock, so both of them shared an equal hatred of Peter Parker. So to try to explain around their story without Spiderman is incredibly difficult. Additionally trying to say that Venom was an anti-hero doesn't work when you don't know what an anti hero even is because as chief said, this aint it.

6. the CGI was good, when you could see it.

So Venom is black. Most venom scenes happen at night. Wanna know what else is black? Nighttime and the night sky. So it was pretty difficult to see at a few points. But mostly the CG was fantastic. The Symbiotes looked real and when they were just in their like solo form and crawling up windows and stretching around they looked very good.

In the end, I would give Venom a C. The third act was pretty fun with a good climax at least and while it didn't make up for the terrible first act at least it was more entertaining.

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