Vegetarian Recipes Even Meat-Eaters Love
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5 Vegetarian Meals That'll Have 'Meatatarians' Second-Guessing Their Eating Habits

Vegetarian, pescatarian, or even if you are a "meatatarian," these meals will expand your palate.

5 Vegetarian Meals That'll Have 'Meatatarians' Second-Guessing Their Eating Habits

While being in college, I've tried cooking various different foods. Let's be honest, nobody likes dining hall food all the time. When cooking your own food, it can get expensive, especially if you eat a lot of meat.

These recipes are easy to make and very healthy for balanced eating:

1. Hummus Vegetable Wrap.

Ingredients-Serves one.

¼ Avocado

¼ Bell pepper

½ Black beans

½ Cucumber

½ Carrot, medium

1 cup Spinach

2 tbsp Hummus

½ cup Brown Rice

1 Tortilla, whole wheat or gluten-free

2. Quinoa Chili.

Ingredients - Serves six.

1 can Black beans

1 cup Corn, frozen

4 cloves Garlic

1 (7 oz) Green chiles

2 cans Tri-colored beans

1 Onion

2 cans Fire roasted tomatoes

2 cups Tomatoes

1 cup Quinoa , cooked

2 tbsp Chili powder

2 tsp Paprika

1 tbsp Olive oil

2 tsp Cumin

1 cup Water

1 cup Cheese

1 tsp Salt and Pepper

Hot sauce (optional)

3. Burrito Bowl.

Ingredients - Serves two.

1 can Black beans

1 Sweet Potato, cooked

1 cup Corn, frozen

¼ Onion

½ Lime

½ Avocado

¼ Green bell pepper

1 head Romaine Lettuce

½ cup Cilantro

1 cup White rice

½ Cheese

1 tsp Rosemary

1 tsp Basil

1 tsp Salt and Pepper

Hot sauce (optional)

Sour cream (optional)

4. Pesto Tortellini with Vegetables.

Ingredients - Serves three.

1 box Cheese tortellini, dry

½ Yellow Zucchini

½ Zucchini

2 cups Spinach

½ Onion

½ Corn, frozen

¼ Green bell pepper

¼ Red bell pepper

1 Tomatoes

3 tbsp Pesto

5. Strawberry and Cucumber Spinach Salad.

Ingredients - Serves two.

6 cups Spinach

1 cup Strawberries

1 cup English Cucumbers

3 oz Feta cheese

¼ Walnuts or almonds, toasted

¼ Olive oil, extra virgin

1 tsp Salt and pepper

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