9 Vegan Twitter Accounts You Should've Followed Yesterday
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9 Vegan Twitter Accounts You Should've Followed Yesterday

Funny memes, cute animals and food photography are must-haves on your timeline.

9 Vegan Twitter Accounts You Should've Followed Yesterday
Endora Sauer

If you have a "" in your name or bio on Twitter, or you've seen it before, you probably know that it is used by vegans to find each other easier.

An amazing community of vegan activists from all over the world has developed on Twitter, and it has helped build friendships and connect activists with each other. If you are just getting into veganism and have no idea where to start or who to follow, I got you covered.

1. @KatePow3ll

You could start by following Kate. She is both an amazing activist, artist and adopted snail mom. You can buy her activism sticker packs on Etsy.

2. @bananabillll

Make sure you give this man a follow too unless of course, you would be sensitive to seeing the brutal slaughter of watermelons. His tweets will make you laugh, and probably remind you to get your potassium on. Check out his latest vlog where he meets Torres Washington at VegFest!

3. @tiskael

Now that this month is coming to an end, thankfully so will all of the #Februdairy tweets. The fuss on Twitter is way beyond beef. Us vegans deserve a vacation after shutting down propaganda all month because that was tiring. Kael is a writer for Veganism Daily and a photographer. The animal pictures are totally worth the follow.

4. @Soil2Soulutions

The first thing you will read in Mama Donna's Twitter bio is "Why retire when I can inspire?" and once you scroll through her feed, you will quickly realize that she lives by that every day. She is the founder of Soil To Soul Solutions, a tribe of entrepreneurs helping people with various talents get into the business. Her account is filled with beautiful raw food.

5. @rachaelxss

Rachael was one of the first Twitter vegans that I came across when I saw her vlog meeting up with other vegans. I love watching her grocery hauls because she shows that shopping vegan can definitely be done affordably.


Let's face it, you probably don't have enough arctic wolf pictures on your timeline. If you follow this almond milk queen, she'll fix that for you.

7. @b12deficient

You can never have too many pictures of food, art and animals. If you love any of those things, it would be beneficial to give Heather a follow.

8. @jewiwee

Jewlz will light up your timeline with animal pictures and activism tweets. She is a lover of science and marine biology, and she also makes beautiful jewelry that is up for sale on Etsy.

9. @peta2

If you aren't already following peta2, WYD? Every day they post funny tweets, news about current animal rights issues and ways that you can help or get involved. Keeping peta2 on your feed will help you to be a better activist and stay inspired.

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