5 Best Vegan Eats On The South Shore
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5 Best Vegan Eats On The South Shore

They're not easy to find, but they're damn good when you do.

5 Best Vegan Eats On The South Shore
Molly Bastow

Hi everyone, baby vegan here again, obviously writing another vegan article. So it's been about three weeks of being a vegan, and I'm loving it. I've had a few moments of pure stress, but I literally feel so much better.

Last night at Citi Field there were literally NO vegan options. They had Veggie Dogs but idk man that didn't sound right. So I grabbed a grilled veggie and mozz on a hero...hold the mozz. Real life dirty looks from the lady behind the counter. So in this moment of sadness about not being able to have many options, I decided to do some research on vegan options on the south shore of Long Island! Here are the top five I picked that I cannot wait to try! All pictures are from Yelp, until I can go try these places and take some pictures for myself!

1. Freshark Juice Bar And Grill, Rockville Centre.

At Bareburger, they're working with local artisans and sustainable farmers to create a much more fresh taste. The menu features two types of vegan patties. They offer a black bean one, and a sweet potato wild rice option. They also have five salads that are easily made into a vegan salad, if they are not already one. This would be a great place to bring my boyfriend, because he LOVES burgers.

3. P.J. Harpers, Valley Stream.

P.J.'s is a traditional pub, another great place to go if you're eating with others who aren't vegan. They have a whole vegan section on their menu, which includes a vegan burger, their famous grilled vegetable wrap, "unchicken parmesan," and "unchicken marsala," both of which I'd be very willing to try.

4. Jandi's, Valley Stream.

Jandi's isn't quite a restaurant, but more of a health market, They do have a juice bar, and lots of vegan snack options. I've heard great things about the staff, and i've heard they have a great selection. Vegan ceasar salad?? Yes please!!!

5. Press 195, Rockville Centre.

Press 195 is known for it's paninis. I've actually also been here once, I think about a year ago. On their hot press alone, they have 49 options, out of which none are vegan, but they have seven vegetarian options that could easily be ordered without the cheese. I NEED to try the number 28. Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers on garlic bread. Thank you I need it now! They also feature knishes, hummus platters, and many salads. On their cold press they offer a panini called a Beetnik, which is roasted beets, grilled veggies, shredded carrots and goat cheese. Take off the cheese and that suckers mine. Check out this black bean hummus platter....I'm drooling.

So...Lunch date on the south shore anyone?

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