The Best Vegan Places In Cleveland, Ohio
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13 Cleveland, Ohio Eateries Where Animals Aren't On The Menu

The best vegan and vegetarian establishments around!

13 Cleveland, Ohio Eateries Where Animals Aren't On The Menu
Amanda Houdeschell

Veganism is the future. More and more people are going vegan for the animals, the environment, and their health. In response, vegan and vegetarian restaurants and businesses are opening all over the world to cater to diners who want to eat compassionately. Here are the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Cleveland!

1. Poison Berry Bakery 

Personal Photo

Poison Berry Bakery might just be my favorite place in all of Cleveland. Located on the east side, Poison Berry sells baked goods such as donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Every Saturday, they have an all-day breakfast that features a different delicious breakfast food every time. Above is a picture of my decadent waffle during one of their waffle bar events. Poison Berry, owned by passionate animal rights activists, has hosted multiple fundraisers for animals including one for my own organization, Species Revolution. Unfortunately, they are closing at the end of the year, so I urge you to stop in and enjoy their unique offerings while you can.

Their menu is all vegan.

2. Cleveland Vegan

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Cleveland Vegan offers a variety of different options and will be sure to impress every curious nonvegan. This Lakewood establishment features a cafe and a catering service I recommend enjoying their menu through the "Cleveland Vegan experience," which allows you to pick one item from each of the three menu sections. You can never go wrong with any selection, but a couple of my favorites include their tofu tacos and french toast.

Their menu is all vegan.

3. Helio Terra Vegan Cafe

Helio Terra is conveniently located in Downtown Cleveland, close to the Q, Playhouse Square, and a short walk or trolley ride from CSU. About half of their menu is raw, and they are known for their nutritious smoothies. My personal favorites on their menu are the awesome grilled cheese sandwich and the cooked creamy rotini bake.

Their menu is all vegan.

4. Urban Soul Grille

Located in Mentor, Urban Soul Grille is the newest addition to Cleveland's vegan restaurants. What started as occasional pop ups soon became a full restaurant after the tremendous positive feedback to their food. I strongly recommend their mac n cheese!

Their menu is all vegan.

5. Cinnaholic

It was an exciting day when this vegan chain came to Westlake! Cinnaholic features a many different frostings and toppings to create the ultimate cinnamon roll experience.

Their menu is all vegan.

6. Foodhisattva

Foodhisattva runs vegan pop-ups, mostly on the east side. They specialize in creating very unique options that can't compare to anywhere else. Fingers crossed that they are eventually able to open up a full-time restaurant!

Their menu is all vegan.

7. Vegan Doughnut Co

Clevelanders immediately fell in love with The Vegan Doughnut Company. They are still running as a pop-up, but will eventually have their brick and mortar location up and running in Lakewood. You can be sure to see a huge line of hungry vegans and nonvegans alike wherever they are selling!

Their menu is all vegan.

8.  Wild Spork

Wild Spork is a food truck that is vegan junk food heaven. I am a huge fan of the cheezsteak, but everything always looks and smells delicious.

Their menu is all vegan.

9. Mo Bite Products

Personal Photo

Mo Bite Products is currently a pop-up and delivery business, with the goal of becoming a food truck. They sell amazing soul food creations and are currently taking orders for their holiday dinner feasts. Pictured above is a pop-up that took place at Poison Berry, which was the best collab ever!

Their menu is all vegan.

10. Sweet Visions Vegan Bakery

Sweet Visions Vegan Bakery

Sweet Visions sets up at the North Union's Farmer's Markets, and you can also call anytime to place an order. I have always been blown away every time I've had their sweets. I especially love the brookie--a combination of a brownie and a cookie!

Their menu is all vegan.

11. Beviamo Cafe

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Beviamo's food is all vegan, with a vegetarian coffee selection. They have a very chill atmosphere, with a selection of video games, board games, and books in their back room. A great place to hang out in Tremont, Beviamo offers a variety of baked goods, cooked foods, and coffee.

Their menu is vegan and vegetarian.

12. South India Cuisine

South India Cuisine

South India Cuisine is a hidden vegetarian gem in Mayfield Heights. It is a tiny restaurant with owners who are very helpful about which options are vegan. Try their dosas!

Their menu is vegetarian.

13. The Root Cafe

The Root Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant located in Lakewood. They are a great place to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My favorite meal is the culture sandwich, and my favorite drink is a soy black & tan. The Root often hosts events, including an event that Species Revolution organized to write letters to political prisoners!

Their menu is vegetarian.

Honorable Mentions

There are several other meat-free businesses that I have not tried (yet!), but they are popular and important additions to our community. Annapurna and Udupi Dosa Corner are two other vegetarian Indian establishments. Beet Jar, Anna in the Raw, Raw Trainer, and Daily Press all specialize in healthy vegan foods. Sprinly is a delivery service bringing organic plant-based meals all around Cleveland.

Not in Cleveland but curious about your own local veg businesses? Or need some help finding places while you're traveling? Check out Happy Cow for all of your foodie needs!

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