Variety Of Blouse Materials For Different Looks
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Variety Of Blouse Materials For Different Looks

Different Blouse Materials.

Variety Of Blouse Materials For Different Looks

Every Indian woman randomly chooses to wear a sari for looking traditionally fashionable for any traditional occasion. It is the most popular and favourite attire among Indian women of all ages, irrespective of their height, figure, complexion and region. They simply love to experiment with their sari look. But needless to say, that the traditional look remains incomplete without an enticing blouse. A beautiful blouse is all that is needed to pull up your favourite sari look. However, before selecting the blouse designs you have to first choose its material. Here are various types of blouse materials that you can consider for your look.

1. Silk Material:

It is one of the most soothing and gorgeous looking fabrics that suits every complexion and body type. Be it a plump beauty or a lean diva, a silk blouse gives the most graceful look to the wearer. Though silk fabric can be designed in many ways but for a traditional style, a deep round neck blouse with three-quarter sleeves goes really well. For added charm and beauty you can always add tassels and latkans to look more fascinating and gorgeous. This blouse look is ideal for weddings, festivals or any grand occasions.

2. Cotton Fabric:

Needless to say, that cotton is the most comfortable and softest material used for making blouses. Cotton blouses are the ultimate choices of women for a hot scorching summer but it is not only meant for pairing with cotton saris. You can also pair a designer cotton blouse with linen, khadi, dhakai and handloom saris. A simple cotton blouse can also draw attention if the wearer can pair it with correct accessories. To stand out among all you can also put up with printed cotton blouses.

3. Net Fabric:

There is no second thought that with a net fabric blouse you can easily don a diva look. Net blouses are the latest trends in the fashion and glamour world of Bollywood. Netted blouses are available in multiple varieties of colours, designs, styles and cuts. You can prefer to look bold and voguish with transparent back and net sleeves. Also, to steal the limelight and achieve a killer look you can flaunt your toned back and body with stylish cuts and designs and carry it gracefully.

4. Velvet Material:

Velvet is a typical material that can make you look stunning in no time. It is soft as well as comfortable especially suitable for winters as it is a slightly heavier than other materials. A heavily embellished or embroidered sari can look amazing with a georgette or net sari. The sparkling shine and glossy texture of the velvet can make you look radiant and be the talk of the evening. This ethereal looking blouse is perfect for parties and other events.

5. Satin Material:

A glossy satin blouse is always a hot pick when it comes to flaunt your figure. With the various styles and designs it is the best for any party look. The designer halter neck look can win many hearts at a grand party or wedding receptions. The shining satin blouse enhances a stylish yet charming look especially when teamed with a pearl or stone set.

6. Linen Fabric:

For your summer special soiree, a linen blouse is you best companion. Though it is a bit expensive bit it is equally cooler and more comfortable than cotton. Since, it is time for mix-n-match fashion therefore you can combine your linen blouse with linen, cotton, printed, pure silk and hand-woven saris.

7. Chiffon Material:

Though very similar to georgette, it is a light and easy to carry material for you. This fashionable fabric blouse can be paired with most translucent sari. One can opt for any casual or bold style with this fabric. Printed chiffon blouses are also in high demand. And deep cut chiffon blouses look amazing on lean figures and toned back with broad shoulders.

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