11 Reasons Why Vans Are The Only Shoe You Need
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11 Reasons Why Vans Are The Only Shoe You Need

Honestly, you could even wear them to prom and would still look amazing if not better.

11 Reasons Why Vans Are The Only Shoe You Need
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You most likely see people wearing Vans shoes all the time, but did you know that they just might actually be the only shoe you need? Here are 11 reasons why.

1. They come in so many colors and designs.

There are literally too many to count.

2. They come in so many different styles.

There are low tops, high tops, slip on, original classics, mid tops, platforms, and even sandals.

3. They are just comfy AF.

You don't ever really have to break them in, and eventually, they seem to form to your feet which feels great.

4. They are affordable.

Vans shoes range from about $45-100 depending on the style and material you buy.

5. They are a good quality shoe.

They are durable because they were created for rough use.

6. Many are wearing them.

In 2014, Vans created and sold 60 million pairs of shoes annually, with 40,000 pairs customized.

7. They are weather permitting shoes.

Vans has a waterproof spray that you can put on your shoes, and there is even a style that has fleece inside to keep your feet warm in the cold winter months!

8. They come in a slip-on style.

Let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a slip on.

9. They look great with just about anything.

Honestly, you could even wear them to prom and would still look amazing if not better.

10. Vans gives us a creative outlet.

It's not all about the shoes. It's about the way users express themselves. By having art contests, bringing artists to events, and allowing customers to customize their own shoes, Vans gives us a creative outlet. They promote art and individuality.

11. Vans gives back to the community.

Vans has become very eco-friendly. They use packaging that is more sustainable and has eliminated branded hangtags on several key apparel product categories, saving over 400 trees annually. Their shoeboxes are made with 80% post-consumer recycled paper, printed using soy-based inks. They also use The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which works to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production and improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas. Since 2014, Vans has been sourcing BCI cotton for both footwear and apparel products. Another thing Vans does is use leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Vans has partnered with many nonprofits over the years. Many support environmental organizations and others support creative expression through multiple platforms. Each year Vans hosts community service projects. A few include the Surfrider Foundation and Vans Gives Back days. Each year they support over 100 clean-ups at beaches and skate parks across the country. Finally, each Earth Day, Vans green teams plan the annual Green Sole, Green Clean event that includes a used clothing donation drive, an electronic waste collection, and an office supply swap.

Vans are amazing, end of story.

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