'Vanderpump Rules' Best 6 Moments As Told Through GIFs

Seriously though, between the bar fights and constant cheating, how can you not soak this show up? Watching a group of young adults who live in cardboard box-like apartments, yet travel to tropical islands every other episode is so entertaining! Here's just a new notable moments...

1. When the guys went full on drag in New Orleans.

One of my favorite things about this show is--despite the guys on the show appearing to be the typical insecure douche bags--they're actually quite confident in their sexuality and don't mind cuddling and shoving their butts in each other's faces.

2. When Schwartz let Lisa's ponies in the house.

If you didn't see this, do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Season 4 Episode 19 33:58-35:05. It is the self care you need right now. Whether it be Tom referring to Diamonds the Miniature Pony as "dude", Tom admitting he has a fear of horses, or simply the fact that Lisa has two mini horses named Diamonds and Rosé, you are sure to get a kick out of this scene.

3. When we meet Hanky after his doctor visit.

Lisa's love for animals shines through this scene after we see a sick Hanky the Swan being passed to Ken after his blood test. After giving him a kiss on the head, she informs us that Hanky has been feeling depressed due to some competition in her pond. Iconic.

4. When we FINALLY see Katie get some confidence.

Get it, girl.

5. The intros.

Then you have "Raise your Glass" by Dena Deadly in your head the rest of the episode.

6. Lisa during LA Pride Parade in 2016.

This was a greatest moment for so many reasons, surprisingly her parrot hat doesn't fully cover why. The night before this event was the tragedies of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. Some understandably chose to stay home in fear of what could potentially happen at this pride event, but Lisa Vanderpump climbed on the top of a double decker bus to show her support for the LGBT community. Don't we all wish we could be Lisa?

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