Value And Purpose

Why do we value things? Where does this sense of desire or hate come from? What is our purpose? These are some big questions that have been asked since the beginning but I don't want to just talk about these things I want to talk about my friend Dan Taylor from "Tire Towns New and Used Cars". First, I should probably explain how I met Dan.

I have been driving on my spare for a quite awhile and recently decided that I needed to go get another tire. While I was sitting in the bed of my truck waiting for the employees to find the tire that would fit my car, I began to mull over my previous questions. What is purpose, and where does it come from? A few minutes later this older gentleman asked me if I was working on some homework, as I was holding a notebook in my right hand and a pen in the other. I turned around and happily said, "No, just waiting." We then began to talk and I learned many things about Dan.

For example, Dan's favorite food is ice cream, he has a Masters in Education, served in the military, and owns over 2000 different miniature elephants that have been given to him by his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His favorite thing to talk about, most clearly, was his children. I know this because as he mentioned them he pulled out his box of Altoids and, upon his opening it, I see the list of all nineteen grandchildren sprawl out and on the back of the box reads "Pride and Joy." Seeing how proud he was to have such a treasure made me happy as well.

I believe that value is subjective, but purpose is not. Different people can value different things, but is there a common ground? Is there something, somewhere, that everyone values? Something like what Dan values, his children? I can't say that he values his children over everything, but the broad question of what our purpose is still stands. What would happen if we didn't value anything? Could this be the cause of depression? Not having value means no purpose, which means no reason to live.

Therefore, if we found a purpose, a solid unchanging purpose, that would never fail or diminish with time, that could be accessible to everyone at all times, wouldn't this cure a lot of confusion, or at least depression? I believe I have a purpose, that I was created a certain way, but in the same way to have the same purpose and that is to Glorify God. What is your purpose?

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