14 Things You Can Do To Make The Most Of Your 10%

In college, to introduce any given activity as “time-consuming” can raise a student's blood pressure instantly. Between homework and group projects, to Greek life and working, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget class.

Myself, I’ve spent many nights at my school’s library working to finish an assignment right up until the midnight deadline. Thank goodness for colorful planners and reminder notifications, or I just might have fallen apart.

Despite that, I have no regrets about taking ten percent of my time and using it to develop my future self. This week alone I applied for the internship of my dreams and learned a new software, an opportunity some would have brushed off because they claimed they didn’t have time to look to see what’s out there.

Ten percent. Two hours per day. That’s it. Two hours to read up on industry trends, learn something new, or seek out new opportunities.

I implore all students to make time for these endeavors. Anyone can do it, you just have to make the time.

A few things you can do with your ten percent:

1. Build your own website.

2. Learn a new software.

3. Take a Lynda.com course.

4. Work on your LinkedIn profile.

5. Make sure your social media is clean and has career-relevant content.

6. Read up on what’s going on in the world of your career.

7. Get better at something you’re only fifty percent confident in.

8. Make a new connection.

9. Brainstorm your next big idea.

10. Learn a new skill.

11. Step outside of your comfort zone.

12. Get ahead on your work for tomorrow, next week and so on.

13. Do something meaningful for someone who cares about you.

14. Perhaps the most important: Live an interesting life.

Anyone can do it, but not everyone does. Be the one in ten that’s futuristic. Be the ten percent that your next employer is searching for. Be the ten percent because of your ten percent.

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