5 Valentine’s Date Ideas For Couples, Singles, And Everyone Inbetween

5 Valentine’s Date Ideas For Couples, Singles, And Everyone Inbetween

Solo, romantic, and friendly date inspiration for a fun Valentines Day.


February 14th is quickly approaching along with the pressure of what your plans will be for this day of love. Although Valentine's Day is known for having a romantic connotation, there are many ways to celebrate and enjoy the day with those you love and cherish. If you don't have any Valentine plans yet, consider these ideas to spark some excitement for this upcoming holiday.

1. Ask your crush to go bowling.

If you have a special someone that you would love to spend this holiday with, shoot your shot and ask them to go bowling. Bowling is a great activity to break the ice for your first official date and it being Valentine's Day makes it more distinctive. If you want to ask your crush in a special way, consider buying a Will You Be My Valentine? card for $9.89 on Amazon or finding one at your local CVS or Target. It is important to be confident and genuine towards someone that you are considering asking out on a date so that you create an open space for both of you to be your true selves.

​2. Host a Galentine's Day. 

If you and your girlfriends don't have plans for this holiday, hosting a fun event to bring everyone together is a great option. Galentine's Day is about showing your love and appreciation to your true friends. You don't need romance or a significant other to enjoy this day when you have all of your friends who love you by your side. Getting some sweet snacks and putting on a funny movie or dancing to your favorite hits together is a fun way to enjoy the presence of your pals. If you want to purchase some Galentine decor, consider browsing through Amazon's Galentine decorations for affordable and cute additions to your get together.

​3. Take a friend to dinner and a movie.

If you have a friend that you want to show some love to for Valentine's Day, consider asking them out on a platonic date. Going to your favorite dinner spot and heading to a movie you have been dying to watch is a date that never gets old. If you want this Valentine date to be official, you can ask your friend with a love inspired card so they can mark their calendars for the upcoming holiday.

4. Cook dinner for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

If you already have a Valentine for this holiday, consider planning something special for them to show your appreciation and love for your relationship. Cooking the person you love a homemade dinner for Valentine's Day is a romantic way to surprise and impress them on this day of love. If you do not know much about cooking, you can find over 70 fast and easy dinner recipes on FoodNetwork to alleviate some of the pressure and stress that comes with this date. If you want some decorations around the dinner table, consider stopping at your nearest Target to find anything you might need at their Valentine's shopping section.

5. Take someone you love on a picnic date.

If you don't have a preference concerning who you want to spend Valentine's Day with, ask any friend or family member who doesn't have any plans to go on a picnic date with you. With the current cooler weather and sunshine, a picnic is a perfect idea if you and someone you love enjoy being outdoors. If you do not know where to begin to have the perfect picnic, Morsel by Plated offers 11 tips to follow to ensure a successful picnic. Do not forget that this holiday is about sharing a fun experience with anyone you love both romantically or platonically, so it is okay to ask anyone to come along with you on this Valentine's adventure.

It is important to remember that Valentine's Day is what you make of it, being in a relationship or having a Valentine is not necessary to enjoy this holiday. If you are considering any of these ideas, make sure to be assertive and confident about your Valentine's plans without being shy to break stereotypically imposed traditions.

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