To Every Parent In 2019, Vaccinations Should NOT Be An Option
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Due to so many parents refusing to vaccinate children, a disease (measles) that we had eradicated from the US some years ago is back. And it's killing children.

I have found several articles from mothers outraged from the outbreak with raising small children.

Just because you want to exercise your right and not vaccinate your child doesn't give you the right to allow your unvaccinated child the rights that vaccinated children get. They shouldn't attend schools or be allowed on playgrounds in the summer.

Would you allow your friend's unvaccinated dog that possibly has rabies or kennel cough play with your dog that is healthy because they were vaccinated? No!

I know, I know! Children and animals, two different things. But the same concepts still apply. If you can take your dog or cat to get vaccinated to keep them healthy then you could do the same for your kids.

The measles kill! It's almost certain that a young, unvaccinated child that comes in contact and develop symptoms will die. Twenty-one days is the difference between life and death. It takes 3 weeks for Measles to show its symptoms.

You anti-vaxx parents think that vaccines cause Autism when, in actuality, there has been no scientific evidence that vaccines and Autism are linked. It doesn't matter how many celebrities say that vaccinations are the cause it doesn't make it true.

I am immune to the measles, I don't know how that happened but I am. Does that mean that I took that chance on my child? No. My son got vaccinated because I know that it's the true difference between being a healthy child and an unhealthy one.

For those parents that use their religious views as a reason to not vaccinate, God help you. I don't think that we would have doctors and scientists that were smart enough to develop disease-curing vaccines if God didn't want us to be protected against such things.

Vaccines, in most cases, guard against things that they were developed for. The likelihood that the child will contract an illness that they have been vaccinated for is much smaller. And if they do come in contact, the outcome is less likely to be death. Their bodies will have some idea of how to handle the infection/virus.

I don't blame these mothers that are outraged about the outbreak. It's in pure stupidity that the measles is back. The stupidity of the parents that think avoiding vaccines will better benefit their children.

CHILDREN HAVE DIED due to this outbreak!

You may decide that vaccinations aren't for your children, but it's not really about your child. It's about the other children that your UNVACCINATED child is around. What happens when you take your child that is possibly harboring an infection or disease around a newborn baby? And that baby dies?

As the parent of the UNVACCINATED child, you should feel guilty and be punished for it. I know that's harsh and usually, I'm not so mean in my articles but this a heated subject for me.

Do your research if you're on the fence.

Vaccinations are around to keep us all safe. They should not be an OPTION.

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