Science. Many people love that word, others hate it. The group that would hate this word the most are anti-vaxxers. This group of people has taken it upon themselves not to vaccinate their children and expose them to harmful diseases that could seriously hurt or even kill their children. The reason? That would be because Duke University came out with a study, which has been proven wrong, that says vaccinations cause autism. Now did you know Duke University is being sued for $5 million dollars because they came out with false claim? I did not think so.

So many parents feel that they are doing their children a service by not vaccinating them. NO, YOU ARE NOT! If you want to see your child get a disease that was eradicated in the US back in 2000 go ahead. If you do not, I suggest that you get your child vaccinated. Measles was eradicated in the US back in 2000 due to a vaccine that was created. Once you get the vaccine and the booster, it is 97% effective in preventing the disease. These statistics right here should be reassuring right, well to some parents they are not.

There is also something called Herd Immunity. This is when enough people in the same area have been vaccinated to the point where it almost creates a barrier to stop the disease from even entering the area in which you are in. The longer you are around people who have been vaccinated, the better. Since the United States is starting to fall behind on vaccinating children, that herd immunity will go away. With that, so will the barrier that we all have been protected by. Then more and more people who do not have good enough immune systems and also small children who have not gotten the vaccine will also become easy targets for the disease.

So to those parents who do not want to vaccinate their children, I get it. You have the right to not do that under the law of the land. You live in a country that gives you freedom. With that freedom, you also have the right to make stupid decisions that will affect you and your children for the rest of their life. Yes, I am calling you stupid because let's be honest, if you are stupid enough to not get your child vaccinated unless it is for medical reasons then I understand, then you probably should not have a child in the first place.

Did you think that the last paragraph was a little harsh? Well good, because at this moment in time we are facing so many problems in this country. One of those things is climate change. Now we have to deal with a group of people that will not vaccinate their children because they read a study that has been debunked over and over again. So here is a tip for parents. Vaccinate your children and get over it. Simple as that! Vaccinating your children will ensure that they will have a healthy and bright future. So do every other American a favor and just vaccinate your children and complain about something else.

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