If you're a hoo who loves the hoos, you can certainly understand the stress of watching UVA basketball. We are ranked number 3 in the nation, right under Duke and Gonzaga. UVA basketball has only lost to Duke but has come close in a few games. The stress of watching these close-call games against teams ranked lower than us is unimaginable.

1. You get bored with the games in the beginning of the season


The easy wins aren't that exciting, and they're pretty much expected.

2. You watch the Tech vs. UVA game and immediately realize how good UVA basketball really is


We doubled their score by the first half, but lost to them last year. That's pretty impressive.

3. You watch UVA lose to Duke by 2 points and feel immense pain


It's really depressing when we could have won, but didn't.

4. UVA starts to come a little too close with lower-ranked teams, like NC State


Now you wish you were back to the boring games and the easy wins.

5. You skip your homework, studying, and absolutely all other responsibilities to watch UVA basketball


Nothing else matters.

6. You realize you're in love with the entire team, coach, and assistants


Is this bad? Some are engaged/married with kids. Oh well.

Hopefully, we don't have to play Duke again.