Yes, yes, dear readers, I know. As this article appears in front of you now, it is in the Odyssey Online's very own default, isn't it? A delightfully elegant font that curves and slopes with just the right level of professionalism. You might want for the opportunity to call me a liar or stamp the bane of clickbait reputation onto my shoulders, but hear me out! What I mean is that as I sit before my computer preparing this piece on separate electronic documents, as I often do, I am staring into the soul of the comic sans font.

Why on this great green earth have I chosen to do this?

No, I remember, I remember, it's fine. It was in response to a post my dear friend (one who knows the absurd depths of my love for writing) showed me only a few days ago. The post's originator made the claim that comic sans is the easiest font to write in because as much of a painful joke it tends to be, that jovial, outrageous nature it carries with misplaced pride makes you forget about overthinking. You can allow your writing to just flow naturally because comic sans is a font that catches you off guard, especially if you're well versed enough in modern culture to know how much of a joke this poor lettering has become.

Crazy, right? Well, that is exactly what I had to find out for myself. I figured I'd give my honest truth on the subject and see about going from there.

Here's the verdict.

I don't know if I would go so far as to say I will do this all the time every time I write for the rest of my life, its effectivity isn't that high and my estimated sanity level doesn't run that far. But it was an experience worth having. It was one of those very simple experiments that you have to question to understand. It's one of those moments that make you think, whether you were planning to or very much not.

I agree with the post. It did make me think. It did force me to write and lay down everything that I wanted to say without pounding out thoughts of "Is this ok?" until I hammer a little too hard and lose my mind. It was a chance to try something different, something I wasn't expecting.

What I gathered from this little experiment is not only applicable to fonts, which is great since not everyone is as much of a terrifyingly hefty nerd as I am. What I learned was that new experiences, while questionable at times, can provide new perspectives on every single thing you choose to do in your life. To avoid new chances, new risks, new experiments is to stay in the same one track mind and ignore the opportunity to live in the world around you to your fullest. Sometimes things won't make sense. Sometimes they'll seem crazy. Sometimes it may seem like they won't do what they'll say they do. But that's life! That will always be life. The more we attempt and the more that we let ourselves get out there, the more we will learn.

Moral of this story: comic sans can, in fact, be helpful. Maybe not explicitly for those writing purposes, but they can unlock some choice conversations about yourself. Allow yourself to make those confusing decisions, allow yourself to go for any number of chances that come your way. Take something bad and turn it into a thing of beauty. Comic sans, is a beauty, a confusing beauty. Let it inspire you to make new decisions, gain new perspectives, and live life to the fullest.