If you're anything like me, you always have some Vaseline or Aquaphor stored in your medicine cabinet. But you'd be surprised what it can be used for aside from healing cuts. Here's a list of all the surprising uses I've found for petroleum jelly:

1. Use on skin after shaving as an aftershave 

2. Gives you insanely soft lips 

3. Moisturizes dry cuticles 

4. Makes perfume last longer on your skin 

5. Helps tame split ends in a pinch 

6. Use on a new tattoo to help the healing process 

7. Taming your eyebrows and getting them to lay flat 

8. To moisturize your face without clogging pores 

9. To remove makeup 

10. Helps to prevent chafing while exercising 

11.Softens your feet while you sleep 

12. Swipe on your teeth to prevent lipstick getting on your teeth

13. To shine your shoes 

14. Turn any dry makeup into cream makeup 

15. Tame flyaways in your hair 

16. Put over eyeshadow to create a wet eye look 

17. Add with brown sugar to create a lip exfoliator 

18. Give your skin a dewy glow 

19. Put on areas of skin that are dryer while getting a fake tan to prevent looking orange in certain areas 

20. Protects your skin from getting dyed while dyeing your hair 

21. Protects your hands from chlorine dryness while swimming 

22. Soothes your nose when it won't stop running 

Petroleum jelly is a saving grace.