The Ups and Downs of Living in the Sorority House
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Student Life

The Ups and Downs of Living in the Sorority House

The Ups and Downs of Living in the Sorority House

Growing up, I always heard my parent’s tell stories of their college days. 

My mom always told me that one of the best decisions she ever made was living in the sorority house her senior year. For almost all of my sophomore and junior year, I kept reiterating to my mom that I didn’t think living in the house was for me. I am a girl that likes to have her own space from time to time. Somehow, my mom convinced me that I really needed to try it out and live in the sorority house my senior year. I agreed to trust her and I really couldn't complain seeing as we now have a brand new house. 

I hate to admit this, but my mom was right….one of the best decisions I made was living in the house. 

As cliché as this may sound, the best perk of living in the house is the fact that I am surrounded by some of my best friends. There is something about your best friends barging into your room at all hours that I love. I get to see these girls all the time. Downside to this… it makes things a little bit harder to concentrate when you are studying. However, with all the new houses being built most of them have study rooms. So when you feel like you are going to go crazy, when you pull those all nighters, more than likely you have got a friend that is right there with you. 

Another perk is the location. Living so close to many of the school buildings makes those 8 a.m. classes a little easier to bear. We get to have those 15 extra minutes of sleep. Bonus-there is coffee already brewing for you downstairs in the kitchen. Those crazy cold days we have in the winter sure will be easier to handle. 

Which brings me to many girls favorite part- the food. Who could ever complain about having all your meals right there and 24 hour access to the snack rooms and drawers? After a fun night out on the Strip, the girls come back and head straight to the snack drawers. You are bound to find several girls there that had the same idea. Memories like that are some of my favorite. Some of the best heart to heart conversations have happened in the kitchens of the sorority house in the middle of the night. Oh the stories those kitchen walls have heard. I can only begin to imagine. 

Finally, every girls best perk- the sharing of closets. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the exchange of wedges, necklaces, tops, you name it-they borrow it. I have to say though getting ready for date parties and nights out with your best friends is a blast. 

I can honestly say that there really isn’t too many downsides of living in the house. Besides, the perks far outweigh the downsides. So to all the girls that haven’t experienced living in the house yet I highly recommend it because I promise it will make your college years that much more memorable. 

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