Coming into college and finally studying what I wanted made me feel invincible. This is what I had come here for and I was ready to thrive in my classes and the whole college experience in general.

And then, and I'm not ashamed to say, the lower division classes kicked my ass. I had an ongoing crisis for the first two years of my college experience about if these were the majors and the classes that I wanted to do and not going to lie, that crisis creeps up once in a while from time to time (and when I say time to time, I mean just this morning, I rethought my whole life plan).

Each person's workload is different. It depends on their major, yes, but also about how they study and what else they are doing like extracurriculars, work, and more.

Just because it seems like someone else has it easier does not mean that they have it better.

Each person's college experience is different and you don't know what they are going through so keep the judgment of their "easier life" to yourself. More importantly, your workload is your business. People choose their own workload in terms of what they prioritize during their college years and if that is a less workload, good for them, and if it is a heavy one, good for them.

You must be able to make a choice and stick with it because that's what college is about. Everyone is doing their own thing and you must be confident and secure in your own path to be able to do your own thing. That is a hard lesson to learn but it is one of the most vital.

I want you to know that if you are unsure about the classes you are taking and if you feel that the people around you have it way easier, I can tell you for sure, it gets way better in your upper-division classes that one takes as a junior and senior.

I love all my upper-division classes. Period. And I can confidently say it is nothing like the shitshow that was my lower-division classes even though they are more harder than any class I have ever taken before.

There has not been an upper-division class that I have disliked. The professors and material may be way tougher than anything I did in my freshman and sophomore year but it is infinitely better and I wouldn't go back to my freshman and sophomore classes ever again if I had the choice.

As you progress with your college degree requirements, choosing your classes is more accessible and by the end of it, you are forced to choose your own classes which makes your workload very personalized.

Even more so, you choose what you want and how you want your schedule to look like. Similarly, the clubs and organizations that you take part in become heavier (at least, that is what I have experienced till now) due to the leadership positions you gain. This creates a substantial workload that just comes from being a junior and a senior.

The difference is that you choose your poison here and hopefully, you enjoy it thoroughly.