Seeing The Potential Of Social Media
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Seeing The Potential Of Social Media

Let's turn our social media feeds into food for the soul.

Seeing The Potential Of Social Media

It wasn't until recently that I started to really care about the content that I saw scrolling through my social media feeds. Up until that point, I took social media at face value: Instagram for pictures of my friends, Pinterest for recipes and diy projects, YouTube for videos and music, etc. However, in the past year or so, I saw the potential for social media to be positive and uplifting, to not only keep me in the loop with my friends, but to stay in touch with God, myself, and my interests.

It's not a perfect solution to the problems of social media but it has changed the way that I spend time on my phone and what I think about while scrolling through my feed.

Need some help? Here are some of my favorite blogs, vlogs, creators, and photographers to check out!

1. Morgan Harper Nichols

Here is an article that featured five of her encouraging thoughts and poems that I personally enjoy. If you didn't have a chance to look at her last week, go ahead and check her out!

2. She Reads Truth

I love She Reads Truth for their Bible reading plans and study guides! Seeing their daily scripture posts reminds me of the beauty of God's word and to get back into it.

3. The Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc travels the world, photographing women of all ages and nationalities to capture the beauty that is present in every person and culture. When she can, she records their stories and shares them on her Instagram page.

4. Kirby Minnick

Kirby is a hilarious, God-loving college student who creates YouTube videos. She has a wide range from her testimony to makeup tutorials to comedy videos. She is fun, upbeat, and never fails to brighten my day!

5. Ezer Magazine

Their tagline says it all: "A little bit of lifestyle and a whole lot of faith." Think of a platform similar to Odyssey, only produced by and created for Christian women. I signed up for daily emails from Ezer Magazine two weeks ago and I've loved reading the daily devotions and articles that they share! I hope this encourages you to think about what you scroll through on Facebook and Twitter every day. Do yourself a favor and find content that you love, that inspires you, and makes your day a little bit brighter--it's worth it.

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