Up-And-Coming-Bands — Provenance
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Up-And-Coming-Bands — Provenance

Once reading about this band you'll feel obligated to listen to their sweet melodic riffs and beatdowns.

Up-And-Coming-Bands — Provenance

Melodic Hardcore, not a genre that people hear too often nowadays when it comes to Hardcore bands. Although hardcore is a huge part of today’s metal scene, sub-genres such as Melodic Metalcore and Melodic Hardcore are becoming more and more popular with the sweet riffs that are included in catchy songs accompanied by a brutal beatdown. As of late, there has been a melodic hardcore band on the rise. Provenance, a Melodic Hardcore band from Burlington, New Jersey is most definitely on the rise as the melodic sound continues to become a more popular trend in today’s music scene. Provenance was formed in 2013, currently consisting of drummer Jason Coleman, guitarist Paul Guszcza, bassist Jarrett Wenzel, and vocalist Matthew Kessler. Before we get into knowing Provenance, I just want to say a few things about the band. Personally I began writing to spread my horizons, and to also give bands the exposure that they deserve. Provenance, as individuals were some of the most chill people that I’ve met in this music scene so far. Along with their great personalities is also lots of talent, them along with lots of other bands in the music industry dedicate themselves to getting on stage and performing for all of their fans. And now, here is more to know about the Melodic Hardcore band, Provenance. As the band formed in 2013 they began write music, using their main inspirations, Counterparts, Napoleon, Canvas, Kasey, Being As An Ocean , and Hundredth the band took the hardcore genre and made it their own. By adding melodic riffs along with the typical hardcore sound Provenance was able to come up with the great recorded material that they have put out. These records include their first single, Tunnel Vision released in November of 2013, followed by their debut EP Low Spirits, which was released in April of 2014. Again the next year Provenance released their EP, Through Eyes At Last I Saw In Tears. After releasing their single as well as debut record and EP Provenance began to play shows, opening up the mind of everybody to a new kind of hardcore; Melodic Hardcore. Provenance have played lots of shows, yet their favorite place to play is the Voltage Lounge (Philadelphia, PA).

Once the band began to play shows everyone saw their talent, including owners of Trendsetter Records Dominic Stone along with Phil Quartucci. Trendsetter Records and Provenance came to an agreement and Provenance was then added to the lineup of the company. Since signing with Trendsetter Records Provenance set a few goals for themselves, to hit the road and tour the East Coast once their first full- length album out, titled Rain And Dust. Up to now the band has released a few songs and records, some of them that they are most proud of being their EP Through Eyes At Least I Saw In Tears, as well as their new record that is being prepared to be released through Trendsetter Records in early 2017. Although members of Provenance dedicate themselves to the band and all of its wonderful glory, they have hobbies outside of music. Including running, anime, Pokemon, drumming (wow), and basically anything that pertains to music in general. Another quick comment, just for the heck of it. This band is one of the most solid bands I’ve seen live, and if you’re one of the few people that actually take time out of their day to read my articles, I would seriously consider purchasing, supporting, and going to see these guys live. So solid. Some things that set Provenance aside from other bands in the current music scene is that they approach the Hardcore genre in a different way, adding their sweet melodies and riffs into it. Also, as the melodic trend continues to grow, the band adds onto it, putting their own twist along with it. A lot of people would agree that the music industry is not a great place for softies like myself, Provenance says that the music industry is cold, but enduring a hard grind is necessary to prove that you are worthy of the fame that comes along with the talent. Yet, speaking of making it in the music industry, there are lots of things that a band has to do to prove they they are capable of making it, including playing shows.

For Provenance the best things about playing shows are watching people in the crowd singing your lyrics, and getting compliments. Simple things such as complimenting bands, or even banging your head in the slightest while the band plays their set can make them much more confident about their music, since it shows that lots of people are at least interested in what they have spent lots of time on. With a new Provenance record set to be released soon, I asked a few questions to get their personal opinion. When asked if there was a personal track on the new record, vocalist Matthew Kessler stated that all of the songs on the new record mean something, because every song that writes has meaning to him. Personally I believe when it comes to music, lyrics can mean a lot, if you have a very heavy song with emotional lyrics, it can bring out the diverse side of the band. When asked how the band would describe their new record, I got a few responses. Some being from a lyrical standpoint the record is very emotional, always setting up for a good time. Also that the new record is more progressive sounding, along with fast paced. With all of this being said I want to thank you again for reading this article, I try my hardest to make these bands sound the best, because they deserve it. Please feel free to add me on all social media and follow my account here on Odyssey! Don’t forget to read about lots of other great bands that I have written about, perhaps you’ll find your new favorite.

If you are interested in listening to Provenance or purchasing their music you can find them on Spotify, as well as Bandcamp and Youtube! For others interested in following Provenance or contacting them about offers you can reach them on Facebook, and you can email the band at Provenanceband@gmail.com. As we wrapped up the interview with Provenance we asked if the band had any last words to say, Provenance replied with, “Thank you to everybody that has been with us since the beginning, Shout out to Kaonashi, Dominic Stone, and Phil Quartucci”. Music is limitless, and the creation that everyone has inside them is truly special, never be afraid to show who you you really are and express what you feel inside through music.
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