The 2017 collaboration that literally no one asked for has arrived: The Chainsmokers teamed up with Coldplay for the single "Something Just Like This." The track sounds exactly how you're probably imagining - like every other Coldplay song layered on top of every other Chainsmokers song. The two acts debuted the single via a live performance at the BRIT Awards.

Everything about the track, from the arrangement, melody, synth hook, and lyrics, sound borrowed from previous works of both artists, and hardly even mesh well together. The synth line, particularly, sounds exactly like the synth in The Chainsmokers' breakout hit "Roses" (compare for yourself below):

While The Chainsmokers are not known for innovation in the genre, this release is astoundingly simplistic and, frankly, boring. "Something Just Like This" has received tremendous criticism from respected critics and other artists alike. The most biting call out comes from Deadmau5: