Until Next Time, Dreamland
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Until Next Time, Dreamland

An original poem to encourage using dreams to bring strength to you in reality. May the positive energy in Dreamland help shape your aspirations!


Hey readers! I decided to write this week's piece on just how vast our imagination can truly be. It all begins with the hope and belief that such wonder exists within us. You could find yourself anywhere you wanted- near the sea or dancing on the clouds. The possibilities are endless, but when we wake up, that awe doesn't have to leave; dreams can help us achieve our goals in reality. I used to find this idea too good to be true, but when you place more faith in who you are and where you want to go, you'd be surprised how your approach changes. I hope someone out there finds this poem worthwhile in their pursuit of dreams. Much love and peace to you!

I dreamed that

I travelled all around

Somewhere in the places

I encountered trees and grass

So lush, they seemed to be like

An emerald, so mysteriously vibrant

The ocean sparkled like

The brightest crystal, it's blue deep and crisp

The birds sang together like

A symphony of wonder, the rhythm somehow familiar

There were flower beds that spanned

As wide as the eye beholds with colors

Mirroring a painter's pallet

Clouds appeared more delicate as if

They were bundles of pillows

A mountain was off in the distant and looked

Majestic and so sure, a sense of awe filled me

How dazzling this dream was for

Everything in it was made definitely

Every detail seemed to be more amazing than

The last, as I tried to wrap my imagination around

Such a world like this

The sun warmed my skin,

Reminding me of a blanket on a winter's night

As the wind whirled effortlessly and gently around me,

A tear dropped into the waves of the sea, for I wondered,

'Does this imagination truly belong to me?'

It was surreal at best for a world such as this

Placed my doubts, fears, and negativity to rest

It was like the home of anticipation

The beginning of motivation

I wanted to see more

And then, I awoke, in reality's realm once again

Yet because of that dream

I knew my dreams of the present

Stood a fighting chance

Until next time


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