The Unspoken Reality Of Sleeping With Your Dog

The Unspoken Reality Of Sleeping With Your Dog

What it's really like sleeping with your dog – no fairytales here, only snoring dogs!


Everyone loves to share those cute and funny stories about how adorable their pup just really is. We are all guilty of pulling out our phones to show everyone the cute Snapchat we got today of our dog. We, of course, love our furry friends so shouldn't everyone else? We trust our dog's instinct more than other humans or our own.

We refer to dogs as "man's best friend", which is why we all let our big-eyed, four-legged hot box climb into bed with us every night. This generous act always seems like a great idea when we are settling in and see our pups staring at us with their puppy eyes. We feel them saying "you can't leave me down here alone." Although we all love our dogs, not too long after inviting them into our beds do we regret giving in to their cuteness in these simple stages:

1. The "You're so cute let's cuddle"

We all love our pups a ton of course and how can we not resist cuddling them! Their puppy eyes instantly melt our hearts... no wonder we feed them too many treats.. whoops!

2. When they think they can dig a hole in the bed

We climb into bed ready to relax and fall asleep, maybe do some scrolling on Facebook but for the most part, we are done for the day. Unlike us, our dogs find the fluffy mattress amusing and try to dig a hole in it. You can't help but want to tiredly video the cute yet obnoxious pretend digging.

3. When they steal ALL the blankets

We've had our share of friends who stole the covers at sleepovers when growing up so it's not something we aren't used to, it's just unexpected. Who thought a dog with just paws and a nose could find a way to wrap themselves in the covers and steal any blanket you tried to claim!

4. The "Okay, it's getting kinda hot here"

This is when you start to sweat because that cute dog turns out to be a heater. "Please scoot over and give me space!. No? Are you sure? Ugh" We scooch our pooches over as much as we can but they always end up right back next to us.

5. When they think it's okay to wake you up... for no reason but to play

It's raining so you know your dog isn't waking you up because they need to go outside. Your beauty sleep is being interrupted for the sole purpose that your dog wants attention. "You want attention, you want attention? Get off the bed!"

6. When their dreams get a little too physical

Dog-owners are no stranger to getting a paw or four to the back. Those furry things must have some pretty interesting dreams about chasing and growling at squirrels.

7. When we have to check if they are still alive

It has been a while since you've been woken up and you just aren't sure how your dog could be so peaceful. This is a mystery so we must take precaution and put our finger in front of their nose to see if they are still breathing. WARNING: Do very carefully or they will wake up.

8. The moment they start to leave and you pull them back because you don't want them to leave

Although our dogs can cause havoc in our beds we don't want them to get up and leave. We demand to keep cuddling! Plus if they leave we will never sleep because a dog wandering around the house at night could mean trouble.

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