A loud ringtone was heard coming through her phone, and she immediately went to check what notification was received. She noticed the contact name, making her shake a little with happiness. Overcome with excitement, she started to type vigorously, but she paused right after.

She knew she wouldn't get a response until later. What was the point even continuing the conversation? She faced this issue every day of whether or not whatever this was could lead to anything more.

Giving up would always bring endless "what ifs," but to keep going would mean struggling with the heartbreak over and over again. There wasn't any winning to this game. She wanted to message him this intricate essay about her thoughts and concerns. Maybe he'd even reassure her that this wasn't a waste of her time. Her mind finally told her to write that essay, and she started to type.

She quickly managed to begin with a simple "I'm sorry," and she really meant it. She started to ramble on, asking him why she never saw him. Could he simply not take a day off just to see her? The answer was so obvious, but she desperately wanted to see him.

"Am I needy for wanting to touch you?" she slowly wrote in the chat bar. The thought of holding him close with his gentle skin attached to hers was slowly taking over her mind. It was obvious that she liked him very much, but did he? Making the finishing touches to her message, she was ready to send it.

The quiet build-up of hitting the send button was overwhelming, causing her to have sweaty palms. She'd have the answers to everything she was concerned about, and she'd be grateful to find out whether it was bad news or not. She let out a defeated sigh. She quickly erased the entire text and sent a goodnight text to him.

No questions would be resolved, but she was fine with that. It was for the best. She'd just have to wait and see how'd it play out, even if it meant that she would have to stay up until 3 AM wondering impatiently about the next move. Nothing was a mistake, and she'd soon find that out.