Unsent Messages: A Short Story

Unsent Messages: A Short Story

Maybe some things are meant to be left unsaid.


A loud ringtone was heard coming through her phone, and she immediately went to check what notification was received. She noticed the contact name, making her shake a little with happiness. Overcome with excitement, she started to type vigorously, but she paused right after.

She knew she wouldn't get a response until later. What was the point even continuing the conversation? She faced this issue every day of whether or not whatever this was could lead to anything more.

Giving up would always bring endless "what ifs," but to keep going would mean struggling with the heartbreak over and over again. There wasn't any winning to this game. She wanted to message him this intricate essay about her thoughts and concerns. Maybe he'd even reassure her that this wasn't a waste of her time. Her mind finally told her to write that essay, and she started to type.

She quickly managed to begin with a simple "I'm sorry," and she really meant it. She started to ramble on, asking him why she never saw him. Could he simply not take a day off just to see her? The answer was so obvious, but she desperately wanted to see him.

"Am I needy for wanting to touch you?" she slowly wrote in the chat bar. The thought of holding him close with his gentle skin attached to hers was slowly taking over her mind. It was obvious that she liked him very much, but did he? Making the finishing touches to her message, she was ready to send it.

The quiet build-up of hitting the send button was overwhelming, causing her to have sweaty palms. She'd have the answers to everything she was concerned about, and she'd be grateful to find out whether it was bad news or not. She let out a defeated sigh. She quickly erased the entire text and sent a goodnight text to him.

No questions would be resolved, but she was fine with that. It was for the best. She'd just have to wait and see how'd it play out, even if it meant that she would have to stay up until 3 AM wondering impatiently about the next move. Nothing was a mistake, and she'd soon find that out.

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Top 9 Places to Get Tattooed in Western Washington

Places in Western Washington that'll leave you with the best ink.

So, you've finally decided to get tattooed! Great! The hardest part about getting a tattoo is actually committing, to getting the tattoo. Now that you've made the leap, and decided to permanently decorate your body with art, here are the top 9 shops in Washington, the west side of the mountains.

9. Action Tattoo

Action Tattoo in Auburn is absolutely excellent at realism. Head over to Auburn for a beautiful black and grey.

8. Artful Dodger

Located on Capital Hill in Seattle, this tattoo shop also moonlights as a comic book shop. Every year, they set up shop at Emerald City Comic Con and tattoo nerdy flash. They have a ton of artists-and are constantly bringing in guest artists. Check them out!

7. Old Gold Tattoo

Up in Bellingham, Old Gold Tattoo rocks the American Traditional game. For those of you who firmly believe that bold will hold, Old Gold is the place for you. Take a drive up to the edge of America, and get a traditional tattoo that'll make your average sailor jealous.

6. Two Birds Tattoo

These ladies are a jack-of-all-trades type shop, and yes, just the ladies. That's right, Two Birds Tattoo in Seattle is a woman-run tattoo shop. Every single tattooer is a woman, and in a field that is pretty-male oriented, that's pretty rad.

5. Damask Tattoo

Another woman-run tattoo shop in Seattle, Damask is breaking barriers by consistently putting out amazing work. Known for it's comfortable environment and chill tattooers, Damask is definitely a place to check out.

4. Cicada Tattoo

Another shop hailing from Seattle, Cicada has artists with a diverse portfolio. These artists can whip out anything from realism, to traditional.

3. Linda's Body Piercing & Tattoo

Ariel Fender, the artist at Linda's, is an expert in watercolor and cover-ups. With the popularity of watercolor on the rise, Ariel's work has shined.

2. Emerald City Tattoo & Supply

An older shop, most of these tattooers have been tattooing for longer than anyone else in Seattle. Their friendly environment, and great tattoos, makes clients feel right at home.

1. Sunken Ship

Up in Everett, this sea themed tattoo shop busts out amazing tattoos. This tattooed lady sees this shop as one of the best in Washington. Mostly American traditional, but plenty of new school and realism tucked in as well.

As they always say, do your research before getting tattooed, and find the tattoo artist you think can give you a masterpiece.

Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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An Imperfect Relationship: A Poem

Opposites attract.


It's not complicated; our heads are one.

Your hand is a snake.

My hand is a flower.

I embrace your hand in mine.

Wanting to accept, you push them away; hesitant.

Some say we're not perfect.

But I think we are.

We're free of conformity,

We think differently

From those whose souls

Are fixed on this idea

Of a perfect relationship:

That two partners must share similarities

But we are the opposite

And I love that.

My body is ecstatic with you.

Your name is forgotten,

But that doesn't matter.

Morning thoughts like these

As I roll over

And see your angelic face; dreaming.

In the life before this one, I dreamt, too.

Some days I was falling.

Falling out of the sky after a heartbreak,

Falling out of love, never in it,

Until I met you.

Some days I kept focus

On the dim light at the end of the tunnel,

On time before it runs out.

Now I focus on you, of course.

On what could be our life together.

Because in the past, I was not happier.

Surrounded by betrayals and lies,

I had to leave; fly away.

So I grew wings.

I soared until I found you

And I never came back.

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