My friends and I had a girls night and we began arguing over whether we like Taylor Swift or not. This led to a conversation about all of our other unpopular opinions. Everyone has unpopular opinions. These are mine.

1. Taylor Swift sucks (idk if this is actually unpopular at this point or not anymore)

2. Halloween sucks

3. Chocolate is gross

4. Cheese is gross

5. Most breakfast foods are not worth eating

6. I like giving gifts more than getting them

7. Newborn babies are ugly

8. Babies are ugly until they get a little chunky

9. The Kardashian family is important to American culture

10. Kanye West is crazy

11. Beyoncé is very overrated

12. Disney's "Frozen" is a terrible movie

13. Man buns are weird

14. Disney World/Land isn't that fun

15. Movies are always better than books

16. Spongebob is annoying and dumb

17. The Midwest is fun and there is so much to do

18. Crocs should not make a comeback

19. Animated TV shows are the worst

20. Leg tattoos are weird

21. Popcorn is not worth eating (the shells get stuck in my teeth)

22. Christmas celebrations should always start before Thanksgiving

23. Marshmallows are sticky and gross

24. S'mores are gross and messy

25. Cream cheese frosting is terrible

26. Milk tastes like dirty water

27. Thanksgiving leftovers are gross

28. Soda makes me feel like my teeth are rotting

29. Ring before spring is the worst idea ever

30. Only kids under 10 should be able to call their dad "daddy"