Growing up on the east coast, there are things I say and do that will always stay with me. I thought it would be cool to go to college somewhere else so that I could experience new things and explore the world a bit more, so I decided to spend my college years at Michigan State University. All of the people on my floor freshmen year were from Michigan, so in many debates about things like "soda vs. pop" or our opinion on Buffalo Wild Wings, I would be on the not favored side. I thought I would share some of the topics that we argued the most about and see if any other non-Midwesterners can relate.

1. Soda vs pop debate

2. Meijer is not a God

3. Buffalo Wild Wings is very overrated

4. Sneakers vs tennis shoes vs Converse debate

5. Beaches vs lakes debate

6. The issue with potholes

7. Midwesterners have an accent, not me

8. The word "ope"

9. Corn fields are not fun to look at

10. Michigan is 10 years behind on new music

11. Midwest is 10 years behind on slang too

12. One thing we can all agree on though... the Midwest is beautiful