It's so nice to just sit outside and listen. Go somewhere where only a few cars go by and there are minimal people. Feel the warmth on your face and the fresh air in your lungs while you're taking a deep breath.

It's nice to go somewhere different but yet you're breathing the same air and feeling the same sun that you breathe and feel when you go everywhere. Leave your phone at home and just be still and listen. The waves, if you're by a lake or the ocean, are rushing wild and free. The birds in the sky are communicating with one another. The wind is moving through the sky and the trees.

The sounds that are always there but somehow are the sounds that we always miss because we're too busy. We're too busy to take a walk and be aware of our surroundings or we're too busy to go to a river and just watch the rushing water, and we're too busy to really appreciate all the things that nature has to offer. Why? There's really nothing to do a lot of the time but we make social media and Netflix a priority when it takes up unnecessary time we could be using to get in touch with nature.

The beauty outside doesn't need to be posted on Instagram and you don't have to do a Snapchat of the ocean you go to. Just live and appreciate the beauty that God has given us and the life you have.

Go somewhere for the weekend, I know funds can be tight but Airbnb is a great website or app to use and find somewhere to go and just be. It's nice to be in the loop but it's so refreshing to be outside of the loop and do your own thing and live your own life.