Universities, Please Offer More Online Classes

I went to community college for a year, after one year in a university. I did summer classes, fall semester, winter break classes, and spring semester (48 credits in a year. Yikes!). I only ever went to two classes in person. Yep, that's right: 6 credits out of 48, meaning most of my schooling was online.

That is great for people like me who have to work and be a full-time student. Yes, there were deadlines, but I was able to make my schedule how I needed it. I didn't have to drive to a class that I would just sit in and sign an attendance sheet.

You also wouldn't have to worry about scheduling as many classes in a carefully calculated manner. No more "well, I have Geo 206 at 11:30, and Anth 207 at 12:45, so I can't take Comm 311." Students would actually be able to complete more credits, and they would be able to take their classes in time to graduate without worries.

My "attendance" was actually doing my work, not just sitting my butt in a chair in a lecture hall.

I was able to learn on my own terms. By the way, NO, it was not easier. In fact, I think online classes give more work. On top of that, you have to be self-motivated.

Another advantage is if you're like me and HATE group work (since you end up doing it all anyway), online classes usually have little to no group work. Sometimes you have to do discussion boards and comment on other people's responses, other times you may have to edit each others' rough drafts for papers. That is mostly the extent of it, though.

With fall registration coming up, I am beginning to panic like most students, and even more so since I will be graduating next year. Can I take all of the courses I need? Will they be available at times that are convenient? Will I be able to work the same hours or the same job? How long will my gaps be between classes?

I should have the choice of going to a class or sitting behind my keyboard.

Don't get me wrong, there are some subjects that you should have to take in person, like labs or nursing classes. I don't want someone putting a needle in my arm to draw blood that has not practiced at least a few times before.

Do I need to sit in my GEO 101 lecture, when all we do is go over the slide show that is already available online?


Is attendance still taken?


Universities, give more flexibility, please.

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