Unity Through Music
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Unity Through Music

"We are all one. Music brings everyone together. Music does not hate, music does not discriminate."

Unity Through Music
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There are plenty of materials in this life that separate us from one another, but there is one thing that can bring us all together - music.

Music is the one language everyone around the world can understand. Whether you're in America listening to Classical, or Africa listening to Apala, music is one of the most powerful and influential parts of our lives and it's time we give it some credit. If you think about it, music can either put you in a bad mood, or take you out of one. Artists from Michael Jackson, to Nat King Cole, to Five Finger Death Punch, to Chance the Rapper, they all are a huge part of why music is what it is today. While I was at Jon Bellion and Quinn XCII's concert in Adrian, Michigan this past April, Jon had said something that will stick with me forever. "We are all one. Music brings everyone together. Music does not hate, music does not discriminate." Okay, those weren't his exact words but they were definitely close to it. I absolutely love that he said that. Regardless of skin color, of ethnicity, or sexual orientation, we are all one when we are celebrating music. From the day I was born, music has been a huge part of my life. There is literally a genre for every single mood and then some. I consider myself a Melomaniac. Whenever I listen to my favorite music, I can feel it pumping through my veins, giving me life.

Going from the "Footloose" stage where listening to music and dancing was illegal to being able to create your own music and share it with others makes me so happy. Being a college student, I get introduced to many different styles of music almost daily. Every song has it's own story. Every song has it's own background. Every song has it's own effect on people and that is so powerful. I love going to dances, weddings, and even family get-togethers because there is always music playing. Luckily, as a child I was introduced to many different genres and could pick what I wanted to listen to freely. The other week, I was asked the questions of, "Who is your favorite ___ artist?" You can fill in the blank with Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Rock (New and Classic), etc. If you have not been asked this question, prepare yourself. That is definitely one of the hardest questions I've ever had to answer. But how lucky are we that we get to have favorites? I'm so glad there isn't just one or two types of music to listen to when you turn on your radio like they did back in the day. To answer those questions of what my favorite genre artists are:

Hip-Hop/Rap: Chance the Rapper, & Atmosphere.

R&B: Rihanna & Nicki Minaj

Country: Alabama, & anyone from the 1990's-early 2000's.

Jazz: Michael Buble & Frank Sinatra

Rock (Classical): Motley Crue

Rock (Modern): Volbeat, & Five Finger Death Punch

Pop: Ed Sheeran

Alternative: Quinn XCII

EDM: Marshmello & Alan Walker

If you think about it, music is constantly around us. What you consider music, the next person may not. Birds chirping outside may be music to your neighbor, but not to you. That is what is so amazing about music. It comes in many different forms, serving many different purposes. I think when you find someone that has the same love for music as you do, you're automatically friends. Even when someone likes the same artists you do, you're automatically friends. I know whenever I come across someone that knows Grieves, or Quinn or Section 30 I feel like I know them just based on the music they listen to. You can really tell a lot about a person by what they listen to. I think one of my favorite things to do with my friends is just sit in around, listen to music and just be. I'm not gonna lie, when you actually listen to every beat and every lyric of a song (if it has any), it becomes so much better. Take my advice, and go listen to "New Music Friday" on Spotify. You won't regret it.

Also, if you come across a new song that you just love, send it my way. I always welcome new music into my life.

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