It was early October by the time I set foot in the woods; although it was only for about two or so hours it was the most memorable moment in my life. I ask if we could spend part of our special day in the woods, and to no surprise you agreed to my suggestion. I could talk about all of our hunt's before this one but nothing quite compares to this nigh in October.

We took a fast pace walk up to the tree stand and it was the most amazing walk with you by my side for so many reasons. Maybe it was the sun shining down into the field, or the laughter we shared. No matter what it was by the time we made it to the tree stand my adrenaline was rushing with excitement, and I knew this was the day. We turned that one man stand into two and the view from above was breath taking as we patiently watch to see what would walk in. Some time passes by and the sun is starting to set behind the trees making it a struggle to see.

We both agreed it was time to start walking back out to your grandfather quad parked on the trail. I sparked a conversation while you drag a cigarette playing a game on your phone and although I don't remember to much of what we spoke the unimaginable happened. It was the sound of soft crunching coming towards us that I decided to look up from the ground excepting to see your grandfather. To my surprise I see a six point buck about 20 feet from where we were standing.

As I kept my focus on the buck I proceeded to tell you to stay quite and still, when you glanced up and saw the buck you slowly out the cigarette out and laid your phone on the quad. We drew back the bows and the thwack sound rang through out my ears, it was the like whole world didn't exist in that very moment. The arrow hit behind the right shoulder blade and before you knew it the deer took off running. It was the greatest rush running throughout my body.

There was no doubt that we hit the buck and yes we had some worries about if the broad head opened up. We went back down to the house had a cup of coffee to give him some time. We spent that night searching high and low in the pitch black woods as I secretly worried if killer clowns were lurking near by. To be completely honest nothing in that moment mattered enough to make want to stop searching for that buck.

It was the most memorable night I had experienced in a long time. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received spending that day watching, waiting and searching for that buck. I'm glad that you were by side to experience that amazing moment with me.