Unexpected Joys Of Driving 11 Hours

This week, I can say with certainty that I lacked any inspiration. I was bogged down by the thoughts associated with a Statistics exam. Yikes. However, on my drive home, I realized that, in fact, I did have inspiration, it simply hadn't struck me yet. As I sit down to write this, it has been an hour since I've been home. What started at 7 a.m. has now come to a gentle, and yet at the same time, sudden, halt.

One of the best parts of my drive home was listening to the "Gayest Of All Time" podcast by Jonny McGovern and company. The episodes I downloaded covered such diverse issues as the Kardashians, all the way to political correctness. What I thought would be a rather entertaining 10 hours, turned out to be so much more. The team behind the podcast, as individuals, each have unique perspectives on certain issues. Furthermore, it was really refreshing to hear a group of people, who are al considered to be parts of the LGBTQ+ community (including an ally), agree that even within that community issues have become muddled/misinterpreted.

Here, at Allegheny College, we are surrounded by a politically correct bubble. That is, to me, it appears that many students expect not to be challenged in their views or their beliefs. This is part of a larger systemic failure within the higher education world but we, as a community, are certainly not immune.

Listening to Jonny and Co. gab about "The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Bruce" a.k.a. "Brucina Jennerina," a.k.a. Caitlyn Jenner was amazing. Politically correctness was thrown out the window. Each person involved in making the podcast is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Each member champions the rights of individuals, but they also allow themselves to mock things that are conditionally funny. You may not agree with me, and that's fine. I do not agree with everything said on the podcast, but that is fine. I am able to hear the opinions of others, and from that, I am able to draw more succinct conclusions.

It caused me to think outside of the box, and it also helped me stay awake. I say thank you to everyone who worked on producing it, and I encourage y'all to check it out!

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