Understanding Asexuality In A World Obsessed With Sex And Love
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Understanding Asexuality In A World Obsessed With Sex And Love

She's beauty. She's grace. She's probably ace.

Understanding Asexuality In A World Obsessed With Sex And Love

The "A" in LGBTQA doesn't stand for allies -- it stands for asexual (ace). Asexuality is often an overlooked category of sexuality because it is very different from the norm. Asexuals do not experience sexual attraction though they may still choose to engage in sexual activity. Asexuality is different from celibacy because asexuality is an innate part of who they are and celibacy is the choice to not have sex. Asexuals are not naive or like children, they just do not experience sexual attraction. In a world that is mesmerized by sex, asexuality seems to be unfathomable, but it is a legitimate sexuality that should be more commonly recognized.

Each person engages with their asexuality in a different way: some are repulsed by sex, some willingly participate in sex (and even enjoy it) and some experience attraction and have no desire to act out that attraction sexually. This does not mean that asexuals are incapable of love or strong relationships. Sex is not always the best or only way to show love.

Asexuality has a large spectrum of subcategories, each as valid as any other type of sexuality. Aromantics (aro) experience little to no romantic attraction towards others. Aromanticism is a difficult branch of asexuality to understand. Not only is our world obsessed with sex, it is obsessed with romantic relationships that fit into the strict circle of normality. Again, just because they do not experience romantic attraction does not mean that they are incapable of love or strong relationships. They just prefer platonic relationships or friendships. Aromanticism often couples with asexuality. Aromantic asexuals do not experience romantic nor sexual attraction.

Demisexuals do not experience sexual attraction until they have formed a strong emotional connection. That connection is unique to each individual, but it generally stems out of close friendships or romantic partners. Many people believe that demisexuality is something that everyone does when they are beginning a relationship. The difference is that demisexuals generally experience little to no sexual attraction and may not engage in sexual activities at all. Greysexuals similarly feel very weak sexual attraction, or very rarely, and they generally do not need to form an emotional bond.

Other forms of asexuality: lithosexuals feel sexual attraction but do not want a sexual relationship; cupiosexuals want a sexual relationship but do not feel sexual attraction; fraysexuals feel sexual attraction but it fades over time; autochorrisexuals experience a disconnect between themselves and sexual stimulants, and reciprosexuals feel sexual attraction only after someone is sexually attracted to them first. Each form of asexuality is as valid as any other sexuality, but because the world is so obsessed with sex and love asexuality is disregarded. People who fall under the spectrum of asexuality should not be ashamed or embarrassed because the world doesn't that recognize the absence of sex or romantic love is real.

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