Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part I
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Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part I

These beauty bloggers offer great content in their YouTube channels that are worth watching

Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part I
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I would like to introduce a few beauty bloggers whose main social platform is YouTube. These bloggers have been on the YT for a few years now and they have an audience with less than one million subscribers. These ladies are very talented, unbiased, unsponsored beauty bloggers who deserve to have more subscribers. I have been watching these bloggers for over five years, and you must too. Links to each blogger's channel will be provided.

1- Tarababyz: Tara is a Midwestern lady who has a unique makeup collection on YT. Tara stores all of her makeup in Viper Toolboxes. Tara owns makeup every brand imaginable. But, her channel is not limited to that. She frequently buys recently released high-end and low-end makeup products and reviews them on her channel. Her reviews are very detailed and she's very well spoken. She's an expert on knowing what ingredients are present in cosmetics that will make them of good quality and worth our money. Tara always finishes her reviews with a makeup tutorial.

Tarababyz's channel link:https://www.youtube.com/user/Tarababyz

2-Allura Beauty: Allura is a lady of Asian descent. In her channel, Allura reviews full collections of makeup from brands like MAC, Sephora, and drugstores. Allura swatches every single item on her arm while explaining the texture and longevity of the product being swatched. She owns an external blog in where she posts after pictures of her reviews and gives them a grade after testing ranging from F to A+. Allura has excellent subscription boxes videos.

Allura's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/allurabeauty

3-EmilyNoel83: Emily is a lady based in Minnesota who used to be a local news anchor when she started her beauty channel. Now, she's a full-time beauty blogger and mother of two little girls. Emily's videos are mostly of drugstore makeup products along with some high-end ones. When new cosmetics are released at drugstores she will be the first one to review them and test them on her face. Just like Tarababyz, she will end up her reviews with a tutorial showcasing how products perform. Emily has a series of one-brand makeup tutorials featuring elf, NYX, MAC, etc. She has maintained creativity with her videos that can be seen in her videos' titles.

4-JulieG713: JulieG713 was one of the first gurus (and EmilyNoel83) who I started watching on YT. She's of Spanish descent. Julie is known for having the perfect eyebrows. What I like the most about Julie is that she has over 200 makeup tutorials that run for less than 10 minutes. Her videos are very easy to follow and she has excellent blending skills. Also, Julie is an expert at using pigments, loose eyeshadows, without lots of fallout. She's a beauty ambassador for Jesse's girl cosmetics. Julie G nail polishes by Jesse's girl are designed by JulieG713.

JulieG713's channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/julieg713

5-Alovetart: Mary is also known as alovetart. Mary's channel focuses on daily makeup looks and nail arts. Mary uploads videos every Sunday featuring reviews of her favorite products that she always uses on her FOTD videos. Mary has an extensive face of the day videos list on YT. Every single one of her face of the day videos features different looks that she wears daily. Her voice is very soothing and calming showing her peaceful mannerism. Lately, she's been uploading minimalist videos that show how to live one's life with fewer products and still be able to achieve any desired look.

Alovetart's channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/aLoveTart

In conclusion, these are just a few of my favorite beauty bloggers. Although they are well-known for how talented and unbiased they are, I feel like others would take advantage of the information they provide through their channels. There are a few more that I will like to write about that cannot be left out. So, stay tuned for more suggestions and check out these bloggers' channels.

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