After watching all nine seasons on Netflix, with no commercials, to then having this show rudely taken off Netflix, now we are only left with Hulu, which is full of Advertisements. It definitely takes a special show to be able to sit through endless commercials, even though you have already watched all nine seasons. From rewatching this amazing series, I discovered nine key characters, who are hidden gems that I most definitely overlooked the first time. Sure, they weren't as popular as the one and only Brooke Davis, or as missed as the beloved Keith Scott, but they hold their own importance to the show.

1. Karen

Okay yes, she was a main character, in basically all of the episodes in the beginning, but her strength and courage is overlooked time and time again. Most of the time she is pitied or looked for as an example of a sad situation, but she took charge of her life and raised beautiful children.

2. The "real" Derek

Very underrated, the real brother of Peyton who put his problems aside to help a girl he just met after the wrath of Stalker Derek.

3. Andy

This man lost his job and career because of the one and only Dan Scott YET still made his way back to Karen, Lucas, and Tree Hill.

4. Marcus from the tutoring center

Okay, at first in the tutoring center he was the huge jerk. But several episodes later, he dropped out of high school and genuinely tried to change his life. He was last seen at Naley's wedding party, when Haley offered to tutor him to get back in school. Oh, how I wish we could have followed his story.

5. Skillz

Thank goodness he gets a bigger part in later seasons. Who doesn't love a good laugh from Skillz in the middle of the crazy chaos of Tree Hill?

6. Glenda

First seen in the shooting episode, Glenda makes her appearances and further changes both Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis for the better.

7. Tim

He went from Nathan's partner in crime to friendless Tim who was always caught saying dumb things all within one season. He comes and goes over the series, but never fully recovers from his bestie break up with Nathan Scott.