7 Underrated Movie Characters
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7 Underrated Movie Characters

A few who deserve more praise.

7 Underrated Movie Characters
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Everyone always loves the main character, but what about the people behind him? There are so many iconic movies, all who seem to have very memorable main characters. While everyone always sings high praises of these characters, such as James Bond, Ferris Bueller, or Luke Skywalker, I believe there are a few more characters who are very underappreciated. These are the little guys, or even the sidekicks who may not receive the same recognition as the main characters. Here are a few of my favorite movie characters I have always loved and feel deserve a little more attention.

1. Brian Johnson - The Breakfast Club (1985)

This kid is my favorite character in this John Hughes movie. He is so innocent and naive, yet faces many of the same struggles students do today. He is a perfect "nerd" figure and is very funny to watch interact with the other kids stuck in detention. My favorite line is when Andrew, the jock of the group, asks about Brian's fake I.D. to which he replies, "so I can vote."

2. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez - The Sandlot (1993)

Alright, so he might be the main star of The Sandlot, but how can you not talk about him! While my younger self had a huge crush on this little baseball star, I found it amazing to see how great this kid was at baseball. I love baseball, and to see this cute kid crush the ball made my little heart happy. I will always remember his line " Man, this is baseball, you gotta stop thinking!" I might have taken this advice a little too literally...

3. Dave - Hot Rod (2007)

Dave just likes to party! Hot Rod was a movie made by the Lonely Island guys, and it had always been a favorite. Bill Hader, one of my favorite comedians, plays Dave, quite possibly the best character in this comedy. He is committed to his job, stays true to his friends, and is a great addition to the crew. His best line is when Rod, played by Andy Samberg, introduces Dave and he goes "I'm Dave and...I like to party!"

4. Cameron Frye - Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986)

Cameron is best known as Ferris's sidekick in this movie, but I think he deserves more praise. He was able to come out of his shell and have a tremendous day with his two friends before graduation! Besides destroying his father's car, he learns to love life and I think everyone could learn a thing or two from Cam!

5. Karen Smith - Mean Girls (2004)

After surviving high school, I am a firm believer we all need a Karen Smith in our lives. While she may not have been the brightest of the bunch, she was incredible comic relief for any situation. Trouble with friends? She wants to take you to Taco Bell. Not sure about an outfit? She has the shiny accessories to really dress it up! Karen is such a great character and she definitely deserves to be crowned as one of the best characters of the movie.

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6. Donny - The Big Lebowski (1998)

Donny may be yelled at constantly during his time with The Dude and Walter in this movie, but he deserved better! He was a great bowler and (spoiler alert) died too soon. He had so much life in him, for Donny always wanted to be included in the conversation. He was always told to shut up, which was always hilarious.

7. Timon - The Lion King (1994)

No worries, I couldn't go without mentioning one of the greatest sidekicks in cinematic history. Timon is both humorous and musically gifted. Voiced by Nathan Lane, he provides great comic relief with the heavy subject of family betrayal. His iconic song with Pumba might not make him so much of an underrated character, but I couldn't help but list him to further show the appreciation for the little guy (both literally and figuratively).

These seven characters might not be the stars of their movies, so they definitely deserve a little extra love. If you have any characters you think deserve some recognition, comment them below!

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