Growing up Fridays nights meant one thing it was movie night. Whether if it was a sleepover or just some popcorn sitting in my living room, Disney Channel Original Movies, or DCOMs, were bound to hold my attention.

Everyone still remembers the High School Musical trilogy, the Camp Rock movies, The Cheeta Girls trilogy and the Halloweentown Franchise, but as much as I love all of those movies, there are so many other DCOMs. So I've compiled a list of 29 underrated DCOMs that everyone should rewatch, like now.

1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

2. The Thirteen Year

3. Smart House

4. Johnny Tsunami

5. Up. Up, and Away

6. Quints

7. The Luck of the Irish

8. Cadet Kelly

9. Get a Clue

10. The Even Stevens Movie

11. Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

12. Pixel Perfect

13. Stuck in the Suburbs

14. Now You See It…

15. Go Figure

16. The Proud Family Movie

17. Cow Belles

18. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warriors

19. Jump In!

20. Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

21. Minutmen

22. Hatching Pete

23. Princess Protection Program

24. Starstruck

25. Lemonade Mouth

26. Geek Charming

27. Frenemies

28. Radio Rebel

29. Let It Shine