10 Underrated Disney Movies You Forgot You Loved
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10 Underrated Disney Movies You Forgot You Loved

Move over Elsa, Kuzco deserves the spotlight too.

10 Underrated Disney Movies You Forgot You Loved

Everyone on the planet has seen a Disney movie at some point in time, but there are some real Disney classics out there that don't get nearly the amount of credit they deserve.

So, here are the top 10 most underrated Disney Movies of all time and if you haven't heard of them, you're really missing out big time.

Honorable Mention: 'Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar'


This movie gets an honorable mention because while it is genuinely a not so great movie, it is pretty laughable. If you're looking for a solid chuckle at a cougar who befriends some loggers, then here's exactly the movie for you. You're welcome.

10. 'Swiss Family Robinson'


You probably didn't even know this was a Disney movie, but it is, and it's a good one at that. It truly is a forgotten relic, just like the Robinson Family was once they got stranded...too soon?

9. 'Snow White'


This original Disney princess is probably one of the least popular and most overlooked. Maybe its because she didn't do anything in her story, maybe its because the movie is over 80 years old. Either way, I think good ol' Snow White needs some more love.

8. 'George Of The Jungle'


Brendan Fraser. Enough Said.

7. 'Oliver And Company'


If you don't love dogs, you're wrong. So here's a movie about a lovable dog and his band of friends, a wholesome story that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

6. 'Shaggy Dog'


Tim Allen as a dog? I know you remember this from the depths of your mind. Give it a shot again, one of Tim's best works of cinema.

5. 'The Rescuers'


Falling right in the middle of the list is "The Rescuers." It's an epic adventure saga with twists and turns galore. I am not sure how two mice and a seagull could manage to save a little girl from a crazed boat lady with horrendous makeup, but they did and you should watch it happen.

4. 'The Aristocats'


Everybody wants to be a cat... or if that's not your jam, then jam out to this underrated feline love story complete with jazz. From music to talking animals, "The Aristocats" has something for every Disney fan.

3. 'The Thirteenth Year'


Who doesn't love a gripping coming of age story? This Disney Channel Original Movie may not be in the company's hall of fame, but it definitely needs more recognition. I mean come on, the boy grows a tail, the least we can do is watch and support. I may be biased because it reminds me of childhood, but this movie easily rivals with "Zenon" and "High School Musical."

2. 'National Treasure'


I don't care what you say, Nicholas Cage was amazing in this movie and it remains one of the best cinematic adventures of all time. On top of the thrilling treasure hunt there's also an amazing soundtrack... did someone say Didgeridoo?

1. 'The Emperor's New Groove'


I stand firmly in my belief that "The Emperor's New Groove" is the single most underrated Disney classic of all time. I mean come on, it has character development, beautiful scenery, magic potions, and a burly guy that can talk to squirrels. Name one thing that isn't to love about this movie, I dare you. Next time you settle down to watch a Disney classic, pull this one out of the vault. It truly is one of the best movies of all time.

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