Disney is world-renowned for its animated classics -- most childhoods would be incomplete without The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Mulan...I could go on.

Still, there are quite a few of these films that have slipped through the cracks of the public mainstream and deserve more attention than they get. They may not have princes and princesses, but they are sure to bring out your inner child and smack you right in the gut with emotion like only Disney can.

1. Oliver and Company

This 1980's contemporary take on Oliver Twist is ironically uplifting. It follows abandoned kitty Oliver through the streets of Manhattan as he searches for a family to belong to. And he is ADORABLE. This movie also includes music by Billy Joel and Huey Lewis. You'll be boppin' along to the beat the entire time.

2. Treasure Planet

Loosely based on the novel "Treasure Island', this movie is all about personal redemption and identity. It also contains loads of teen angst and alien pirates. What's not to like, right? It's super quirky and unique, action-packed and a good adventure story.

3. Brother Bear

Summary: when an Inuit hunter kills a bear out of anger, he is magically transformed into one himself. It's a story about putting yourself into another person's shoes and teaches kids that you shouldn't judge a person based on how they look because you never know where they've been or what their story is. Plus, it has a super fun soundtrack by Phil Collins.


-The Fox and the Hound: just because they're supposed to be natural enemies doesn't mean they can't be best friends ok? *cries nostalgically*

-The Emporer's New Groove: why isn't there a ride at Disneyworld based on this? Like a rollercoaster to Yzma's laboratory or something? You know you've always wanted that to be a thing.

-The Hunchback of Notre Dame: yeah it's kinda dark and still scares me a little, but you know, the story has a good lesson.

Did I miss any? What're your top underrated Disney movies?