All Of The Questions I Have After Finishing 'Bird Box'

All Of The Questions I Have After Finishing 'Bird Box'

It was a great movie but I'm left so curious.


This will include many spoilers so do not keep reading if you haven't seen the movie yet and would like to. I loved this film. One of my favorite genres is psychological thrillers and this one has become a part of my top five. It kept me on my toes the whole time and made me ask questions constantly. I felt as though I was apart of the movie and desperately trying to survive. I recommend it to anyone who likes the Black Swan, Inception, Seven, type of films. However, it is not as scary as other psychological thrillers, just very creepy and eerie. I would also recommend it to people who don't really like scary movies but want to try something different. You can watch it on Netflix now...

1. Where did Lucy and Felix go and why?

So we all know Lucy and Felix were banging, but what compelled them to leave the shelter with everyone else? What did they gain, other than the car, by leaving? I don't know about you, but I believe in strength in numbers.

2. What do these creatures even look like? Are they people? Things? Sound?

So the way I saw it or understood it was that these creatures are kind of like demons and take on the role of your worst fears, or greatest loss, like the movie, explains. but we never know if the creatures morph into figures of people they love, or if they're still demons just with different voices? We never truly know what these "things" look like and what they are capable of.

3. What did Tom and Malorie do to get to that shady house in the woods within the span of five years?

The film takes place over the course of five years. You see the group of survivors in that random house at the beginning of all of it, and then you fast-forward to Malorie and Tom and the two kids in the woods. How did that happen?!

4. Does girl even know that her mother was Olympia? 

I'm assuming 'girl' just thinks that she is also Malorie's child, however, there are clear hints that maybe she knows she's not. When 'girl' offers to look and take her blindfold off on the river clearly this is because she knows Malorie does not want 'boy' to do so. Also, Malorie is 'girl's greatest fear, as revealed when the creatures are trying to lure her to take her blindfold off. I want to know if she will ever be told who her true mother was.

5. Why can only mentally insane people see the creatures? 

I've read some theories on this, but why are those are considered mentally insane the only ones who can see the creatures without wanting to kill themselves?

6. What do the mentally insane see that others don't?

The mentally insane often try to force people to open their eyes to the creatures so that they can see its "beauty"... so what the hell are they seeing if everyone else wants to kill themselves upon first sight? Also, why is it only the mentally insane... this question haunts me.

7. How did the blind people survive for so long?

SPOILER: the blind obviously cannot see these creatures so they have survived. BUT, we, again, have no idea how they got themselves all the way in the woods and how they did so for five years and no one freakin' knew about it!

8. Sooooo is the whole world ruled by these creatures?

I guess we are just left to believe that they can no longer live their lives without the disturbance of these weird creatures? Also, how did these creatures come about? They are so random! How can you get rid of them? There must be a way to destroy them somehow!

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