The Ultimate Positivity Playlist
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The Ultimate Positivity Playlist

WARNING: You are about to be hit with a hundred upbeat and happy songs that will either make you cry tears of joy, make you experience major nostalgia, or leave you smiling all day long. You have been warned. :)

The Ultimate Positivity Playlist

Hello, beautiful readers! In case no one told you yet today, you are loved, wanted, and have the most amazing smile. Please wear it more often.

I try to be an optimistic person. Positivity is something I want to have in my everyday life. But sometimes life can get in the way and that's okay. Everyone has their bad days and their sad days and their why-is-this-a-day days. Whenever I feel down, I tend to listen to music that will make me smile. I don't know about you, but music really helps me. We all know that music can speak to us in amazing ways and we find the words relatable (or we just like the rhythm of it and that's okay too).

I'm guessing you're looking for those positive songs. I'm really glad you did because I have here the ultimate positivity playlist. I hope this playlist makes you happy like it does for me. Share it with friends and pass the positivity.

WARNING: You are about to be hit with a hundred upbeat and happy songs that will either make you cry tears of joy, make you experience major nostalgia, or leave you smiling all day long. You have been warned. :)

1. He Knows My Name -- Francesca Battistelli

2. Just Imagine It -- MKTO

3. Hunting Happiness -- W. Darling

4. Today Is Beautiful -- David Dunn

5. New Day -- Robbie Seay Band

6. Beautiful Day -- U2

7. On My Way -- Phil Collins

8. Fight Song -- Rachel Platten

9. Gold -- Britt Nicole

10. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) -- NEEDTOBREATHE

11. You Are Enough -- Sleeping At Last

12. I Won't Give Up -- Nick Howard (This is a cover, but it's so good.)

13. Unbreakable -- Jamie Scott

14. Unbreakable -- Nick Howard

15. 5 Minutes At A Time -- Superchick

16. How Far I'll Go -- Alessia Cara

17. Undefeated -- Daughtry

18. Chasing The Sun -- Hilary Duff

19. Someone's Watching Over Me -- Hilary Duff

20. Smile -- Uncle Kracker

21. Glorious -- Stephanie Mabey

22. Salvation -- Gabrielle Aplin

23. Weak -- Daphne Khoo

24. Weak -- AJR

25. (It's Gonna Be) Okay -- The Piano Guys

26. The Best Is Yet To Come -- Sheppard

27. It's Not Over -- Daughtry

28. It's Not Over Yet -- for KING & COUNTRY

29. Stand In The Light -- Jordan Smith

30. Girl On Fire -- alicia Keys

31. Darlin -- Avril Lavigne

32. I Love You -- Avril Lavigne

33. Anchor -- Cailee Rae

34. Battle Scars -- Paradise Fears (The acoustic version of this is amazing too)

35. Soldier -- Valley

36. Rollercoaster -- Bleachers

37. I Will -- Citizen Way

38. Moments Like This -- The Afters

39. September -- Earth, Wind & Fire

40. Fix My Eyes -- for KING & COUNTRY

41. You Are Loved -- Stars Go Dim

42. The River -- Jordan Feliz

43. Flawless -- MercyMe

44. Falling Slowly -- Celtic Thunder

45. Overcomer -- Mandisa

46. Ready or Not feat. Lecrae -- Britt Nicole

47. Tell Your Heart To Beat Again -- Danny Gokey

48. Breathe -- Jonny Diaz

49. Geronimo -- Sheppard

50. Uptown Girl -- Billy Joel

51. Play That Song -- Train

52. Hello, My Name Is -- Matthew West

53. Don't Forget Where You Belong -- One Direction

54. My Story -- Big Daddy Weave

55. I'm Ready -- AJR

56. My Wish -- Rascal Flatts

57. The Greatest Show -- Hugh Jackman

58. A Million Dreams -- Ziv Zaifman

59. Come Alive -- Hugh Jackman

60. This Is Me -- Keala Settle

61. From Now On -- Hugh Jackman

62. Don't Wait -- Joey Graceffa

63. Runaway -- Mat Kearney

64. Count On Me -- Bruno Mars

65. Fireflies -- Owl City

66. 22 -- Taylor Swift

67. We Own The Night -- The Wanted

68. Best Day Of My Life -- Americans Authors

69. Can't Stop The Feeling -- Justin Timberlake

70. Little Wonders -- Rob Thomas

71. We Know The Way -- Opetaia Foa'i

72. Hall Of Fame -- The Script

73. How He Loves -- David Crowder Band

74. Never Gone -- Colton Dixon

75. I Am -- Crowder

76. Superman -- Rachel Platten

77. Firework -- Katy Perry

78. Rise -- Katy Perry

79. The Climb -- Miley Cyrus

80. Something in the Water -- Carrie Underwood

81. Warriors -- Imagine Dragons

82. Scars To Your Beautiful -- Alessia Cara

83. La La Land -- Demi Lovato

84. Made In The USA -- Demi Lovato

85. Outer Space/Carry On -- 5 Seconds of Summer

86. Roar -- Katy Perry

87. What Makes You Beautiful -- One Direction

88. I Lived -- OneRepublic

89. Man In The Mirror -- Michael Jackson

90. Nobody's Perfect -- Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana

91. Haven't Met You Yet -- Michael Bublé

92. It's A Beautiful Day -- Michael Bublé

93. Brave -- Sara Bareilles

94. Go The Distance -- Roger Bart

95. Hold You Up -- Shane Harper

96. Be Still -- The Fray

97. Wings -- Little Mix

98. Dynamite -- Taio Cruz

99. Who Says -- Selena Gomez

100. Happy -- Pharell Williams

And that, my friends, is the ultimate positivity playlist. I hope some of these songs help you in any way possible and make you smile. I hope you have a great rest of your day and week. :)

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