10 Ultimate Locations For A Summer Road Trip

10 Ultimate Locations For A Summer Road Trip

From crab legs to waterparks to historic houses, plan your ultimate summer road trip now!

The music is blaring, the windows and sunroof are down, the wind is flowing through your hair and your best friends laughter is filling the car. The bliss of what a summer road trip can bring are memories that will last a lifetime.

When your friends and you are away for a few months from now, you can all think back to your ultimate summer road trip, and immediately smile. A good road trip is the company because countless hours in the car can only be tolerated with a certain group of people. Another important thing is the tunes, a jammin' playlist is key. The location of the road trip is also very important because it's where the trip will take place and all the sights and experiences happen, besides the bonding in the car of course. Below is a list of great summer road trip locations!

1. Charleston, South Carolina

This city has everything. It has the historic sites, the food, the hospitality, the sights, and the weather. Checking out America's History Museum in Charleston while sippin' on some sweet tea, or tanning on the beach after kayaking with dolphins is a great way to spend your summer.

2. Savannah, Georgia

A super cute and sweet southern place to explore with friends or family. Browsing through the SCAD art museum then checking out the historic district seems like a blast.

3. Nashville, Tennesse

Another great southern city. Tour the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum with some swangin' gal pals.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

The beautiful city of Boston has something for everyone. The shopping and the big buildings are a show stopper and checking out a Boston Red Sox game is a must.

5. New York City, New York

The city of dreams. This is a perfect girls trip and is sure to spice up your scrapbook with all the amazing sights and experiences. Time Square, Central Park, Little Italy, and Soho are a must see!

6. Montreal, Canada

Experiencing the French Canadian culture and exploring the markets are a perfect way to spend a hot summer day. A bike tour around the city is also a great way to bond with friends!

7. Charlotte, North Carolina

This city seems to have something to do with everyone's interests. Charlotte holds the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Also, check out Carowinds for a great day of adventure and fun for the whole family.

8. Washington, District of Colombia

What a better place to see than the capital of the United States. Explore White House, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial!

9. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This is such a cute place to go to with friends. Rent a beach house and take a break from your busy summer. This is also a good place to spice up your Instagram feed with the cute beach shacks and lighthouses.

10. Wells Beach, Maine

Eat a crab leg and relax on the beach, or even go to a waterpark!

Hope this list made you excited for all the adventures that await for this summer. Start planning your ultimate summer road trip now!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The 10 Best Things About Rhode Island

Who said RI is not Awesome!

With Rhode Island being such a small state people wonder what is so great about it. There are so many attractions that lead people to "Little Rhody" from the Newport Mansions to the RISD Art Museum. RI's beautiful beaches are also a plus for the locals who live here year round. But what is the best things about Rhode Island? With so many great things to choose from here is what I thought was the best things Rhode Island has to offer.

1. Del's Lemonade

With its numerous flavors and iconic cup imagery Del's is a Rhode Island staple. My personal favorite is mixing watermelon and lemon together!

2. Caserta's Pizzeria

Located on Providence's historic Federal Hill. If you are looking for a good slice of pizza Caserta's is the place to go.

3. Providence

It is basically the smaller version of Boston! No really, and that is where the city gets all its charms from.

4. Scarborough Beach

Forget Newport, this is the prime place to catch some waves. Personally, I think the water is better and Narragansett tends to be a litttle less touristy.

5. PPAC (Providence Performing Arts Center)

When you are too poor to catch a Broadway show so you go see the national tour instead. PPAC has become an awesome venue in recent years with lots of different plays, musicals and dance troupes coming to perform.

6. The Cliff Walk

Preferably after the tourist season because then you can actually walk on it. The Cliff Walk offers some breathtaking views and a little adventure.

7. Waterfire

There are a lot of Waterfire's during the summer and early fall so you can always catch one. Plus, it is free and provides great pictures.

8. Party Pizza

Some make think it is a disgrace to pizza everywhere, but it is still good. Nobody really understands why party pizza exists, but we never question it. Especially, after you stuff five pieces into your mouth.

9. Crook Point Bascule Bridge

It has become somewhat of a local monument for the locals. My friend and I always do a bit of site seeing around here.

10. Allie's Donuts

Home of the Donut Cake! Allie's makes probably the best donuts around here and that is not an understatement.

And there you have it! While, I think these are 10 best things about Rhode Island there is obviously so much more. If anything RI's quirky local eateries, beautiful landscape, as well as up and coming attractions are what make it special. Rhode Island has so many things to offer it is hard to choose. Personally, I think the food is the best, but my New York/New Jersey friends beg to differ.

Cover Image Credit: wwp.greenwichmeantime.com

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7 Places To Visit Within Walking Distance Of SCU

Brunch and markets and museums, oh my!



1. Santa Clara Farmers' Market

This is one of my favorite things to do on Saturdays! From 9 am to 1 pm, head on over to Franklin Square for live music, good food, and tons of organic fruits and veggies. Pro Tip: The breakfast burritos are to die for!

2. De Saisset Museum

Love art? Well, we have a wonderful gallery right on campus! The museum holds tons of exhibits, from photography to painting to sculpture. Plus, they have a California History exhibit that is permanent, so you can always go see it!

3. Beat the Lock Escape Room

Ever been to an escape room? Now's your chance! Franklin Square has an awesome escape room that you and your friends can do. Can you beat the lock?

4. Carmelite Monastery and Garden

If you're looking for somewhere to study, read a book, or just lay down and enjoy the weather, this is one of the most beautiful gardens in Santa Clara. It is encased in a big pink wall, so you don't have to worry about street noise! Perfect for a day in the sun.

5. Sara's Kitchen

Brunch is my favorite meal, which is why I have spent a lot of time trying to find the best brunch spot in Santa Clara. Well, I am pleased to tell you that I've found it. Sara's Kitchen has good service, and even better food! (S/O to Sara's omelets, I dream about those things)

6. Jasmine Fine Thai Cuisine

Honestly, Franklin Square has some overlooked gems. If you're looking for the best Thai food in Santa Clara, look no further! Jasmine has awesome food and service, and it isn't too hard on the wallet. The best combination for a college student!

7. City Plaza Park

If you want a place off-campus to play frisbee or lay in the grass, this is the place! It's a small park a couple blocks away (that also has a library!). The perfect place to get away from the SCU bubble.

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