ULTA's Top 10 Holy Grail Products That You Will Live By
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ULTA's Top 10 Holy Grail Products That You Will Live By

Find your new Holy Grail items that you won't stop raving about

ULTA's Top 10 Holy Grail Products That You Will Live By

It's no secret that I love ULTA. Over the course of this year, I found myself really getting into skincare and I've always really liked makeup. I've felt like makeup is a fun way to express myself and I like to do it. I've spent countless hours watching TikToks of people talking about skincare (like @skincarebyhyram and @whatsonvisface) and watching makeup transformations (like @charlottelooks) and I truly just loved it. So, I'd buy products they'd recommend and I liked some of them. As time went on I wanted to find different products. I had loads of unused ULTA gift cards (everyone's go-to gift for me) and I got to shopping. So, after months of trying out different products, these are my favorite ULTA products that will become staples in your daily beauty and skin routines. Just remember: everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to products. Make sure you do your research and do test patches!

1. Milani Rose Powder Blush

Years ago, when I first started to get into makeup, I fell in love with this blush. The color, the rose design--just everything about it enamored me. I got it in the shade "Romantic Rose" and it's one of the best blushes I have ever owned. It's long-lasting, looks really natural, and blends easily.

2. Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil

I have substituted my shaving cream for this shave oil and it has been such a beneficial change. I normally use a men's razor for a closer shave and paired with this oil, my skin is silky and smooth. It hydrates my skin and smells so good. Definitely a staple since purchasing.

3. Tree Hut Sugarlips Lip Scrub

I have tried a lot of different lip scrubs ever since I was in middle school and this one, by far, is the best. It smells like mint and exfoliates my lips, leaving them plump and soft. But, the best part, that sets this apart from the others, is that it also has a nourishing element to it afterward that almost feels like you're putting on lip oil. So, not only does it exfoliate, but it moisturizes your lips to make them super soft and hydrated. It's perfect for the winter months that are just around the corner.

4. Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

Speaking of exfoliators, this exfoliating body sugar scrub is a fantastic way to refresh your sin. I use it before shaving and pairing it with the shaving oil makes my skin fresh and probably the softest it's ever been.

5. Urban Decay Cosmetics Perversion Volumizing Mascara

This is the mascara I live by. I've had people ask if I'm wearing fake lashes while wearing this. It isn't heavy on my eyelashes, makes them super dark, lengthens them, and doesn't make them clump together.

6.The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

I've mentioned this in a previous article, but this is hands down the best staple for exfoliating your skin. I used to use abrasive scrubs for exfoliating my face, but after doing some research I found out that those scrubs actually cause microtears that do more harm than good. So, when I saw that this was a better alternative I added it to my cart and I am so happy I did. I use this once every other week and it really helps if I ever have a flare-up of acne.

7. IT Brushed For ULTA Brush Bath Purifying Makeup Brush Cleaner

This isn't for your skin nor is it a makeup product, however, this will certainly make your life easier if you're an avid makeup wearer. This stuff is like magic. Just sprtiz this formula on your brushes and all of the makeup and colors are immediately removed. My brushes looked brand new when I used this to clean them, and they were white!

8. Curel Moisture Facial Lotion Enrich

This is my newest addition to my skincare must-haves. My mom had received a free bag of samples from ULTA with a deal they had going on and she gave me a few items. One of them being this specific facial lotion. You use 5-6 drops and dab it into your face and neck with your fingertips until there is no liquid left on your hands. At the time I had a really bad breakout that I hadn't had in a long time and within a few days of using this, it reduced redness, made the affected area reduce in size, and made some of the acne go away.

9. Curel Intensive Moisture Facial Cream

With the last item mentioned, a sample-sized facial cream was also included. You start in the center of your face and work your way out. Make sure you get your neck and use upward motions when applying!

10. NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

NYX has been one of my favorite bands since high school and that love continues to grow as I try different products, like their butter gloss. I got the shade "Praline" and it is the perfect gloss that isn't too sticky upon application and provides just enough color while remaining sheer.

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