12 Mind-Blowing Facts And Paradoxes

**Warning: may cause confusion and frustration.**

Paradoxes and interesting thoughts that make you stop and think for a second. In theory, it's all whatever you believe..

1. Directionally Challenged

If you start walking North, no matter where you are coming from, you will eventually be going South. If you start walking East, you will always be walking East.

2. Tongue Twister

Flip your tongue upside-down. Now, run your finger along the side of your tongue ( only works for me on one side so try both.) Although you are rubbing one side of your tongue, since your tongue is flipped over, it should feel like the opposite side of your tongue is being touched.

3. Don't hold your breath

Are you now thinking about your breathing? Are you breathing too fast, too slow? Sorry, it will go away in a little bit!

4. Temporal Trip

Did you know that, if we measure in years, we are actually closer to a Tyrannosaurus Rex than it was to a Stegosaurus?

5. Hi, I'm Brain

If you think about it, the brain chose its own name.

6. Temporal Trip II

Similarly to No. 4, were you aware that, if measured in years again, we are closer to Cleopatra than she was to the pyramids being built?

7. Grandfather Paradox

This paradox is in regards to time travel. If, for some reason, you needed to go back in time to kill your grandfather, or a previous relative, it would be impossible. This is because if your grandfather was dead, you would never exist to go back in time to kill him. Aren't paradoxes fun?

8. Everything is nothing

Let's think small and picture an atom. An atom is made up of a nucleus, consisting of the protons and neurons, and the electron cloud, where the electrons rotate around the nucleus. 99% of the atom is nothing, just empty space. Therefore atomically, everything is 99% space and is basically, nothing.

9. Theseus Paradox

Coming from ancient Greece, this paradox describes a new ship you own. If you, day-by-day, replace a plank on your boat with a new plank until eventually every plank is new, is it still the same boat? If you were to keep the original planks and built a second boat, which would be considered the original? Similarly, your body is constantly replacing cells. After some time, every cell in your body has been replaced, so are you still the same person?

10. Omnipotence

Let's say you somehow come into contact with God or some other almighty being. Being omnipotent, if asked to make a stone so heavy that he couldn't lift, this should be possible. If you then ask him to pick up the stone, would he be able to do it? Given they are all-powerful, they should be able to. But the stone made should be unmovable by anyone, so what is the answer?

11. The chicken or the egg?

Well, from an evolutionary approach we can figure this out. Before the modern day chicken, there was a pre-chicken that, due to evolution eventually became a modern chicken. So, if the pre-chicken lays an egg, which hatches a modern chicken, which was first? It comes down to definition. If you consider the egg laid by the pre-chicken a pre-chicken egg that hatches a modern chicken the answer would be the chicken. OR... If you consider the egg laid by the pre-chicken a modern chicken egg the answer would therefore be the egg. The way I see it, the pre-chicken laid an egg containing a modern chicken which it later hatched from leading me to assume that it was in fact the egg that came first.

12. Still thinking about your breathing?

Whoops, if not I didn't mean to remind you! Just inhale... exhale... It will go away eventually.

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