13 Types Of Toxic People I'm Walking Away From In 2020
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13 Types Of Toxic People I'm Walking Away From In 2020

It's time to move on.

13 Types Of Toxic People I'm Walking Away From In 2020

People come and go throughout our lives. They will either make you feel stronger or weaker. These are people who try to help you succeed, cheer you up, and give you encouragement, while others will attempt to ruin your reputation, make you miserable, and set you up to fail. Toxic people exist in the world, and the only way to get rid of them is to remove them from your life. This is why it is important to really get to know the people that you meet. Forcing yourself to tolerate or stay friends with them will only make your life worse. You can stop the mental, emotional, spiritual, and occasionally physical impact that you feel by moving on. Anyone that displays toxic behavior is bad and should be avoided in order to live a more productive and fulfilling life. Here are 13 types of toxic people that I'm removing from my life, and the ways to identify their behavior.

1. The Conversational Narcissist

These are people who constantly interrupt you while you are having a conversation. Most of the time, they do not allow you to finish a thought or sentence. People who are conversational narcissists only enjoy talking about their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Instead of asking more information about the other person, they will just keep talking about themselves. Whether in a close relationship or a group of friends, you will know at least one person who acts selfish and does not pay attention to you or your friends.

2. The Straight Jacket

This is a type of person who tries everything they can to take control of situations and other people. They also want to be the leader, make decisions for the entire group, and always make suggestions to do things only they like. These are people that cannot be persuaded and will argue if you disagree with their choices. The straight jacket will continue to fight and annoy the group until they all give in. Remove them from your life to avoid raising your stress levels.

3. The Emotional Moocher

These are very toxic people. Any time of happiness, success, and positive emotion that you or anyone surrounded them feel will be instantly drained. The emotional moocher will only talk about bad things that happened that day, week, month or any point in their lives. Relationships are destroyed by these people because if their significant other or friends are miserable, they will feel better. Definitely stay away from those who only give off negative vibes and interfere with your contentment, they will most likely not change their attitude.

4. The Drama Magnet

People that are toxic and bad for your well-being love to cause drama. Even if one issue gets resolved, you will encounter another one eventually. These are people that want you to listen to their complaints and emotionally problems. Instead of asking for advice on how to change or make things right, they will just continue to whine. It would be impossible to have a relationship with a drama magnet since they always want to play the victim and feed off chaos to survive. Get away from these types of people before they start complaining about you.

5. The JJ (Jealous-Judgmental Person)

Every group of friends has a least one of these. Anyone who is a JJ is toxic and will display their jealously and envy of anyone else that is having a great day or handling life better than they are. The self-esteem levels of these people are dangerously low. Expect to hear criticism about your choices, gossip about other people or judgement on your style or personality. They will always believe that the have faults or imperfections of others cannot be accepted. Remove this type of toxic person from your life because they might start making things up about you.

6. The Fibber

Nobody likes being told lies. It is very easy to tell if someone is not being honest with you based on their eye contact, movements, and the way they speak. They could be telling you a made up story to impress you, big lies about another person to embarrass them or fabricate anything they heard on television. When you are in a relationship, honesty is among the things you look for besides kindness, intellect, and good hygiene. Do not allow yourself to be ruined by a fibber. Leave if you begin to doubt what they are saying to you is untrue.

7. The Tank

This form of toxicity is dangerous, and these people will cause large amounts of emotional damage. Everyone knows that military tanks destroy anything in its path, and the same principles apply for people. You need to proceed with caution when dealing with one. The tank will let you know that they do not care about the emotions of others, and will make themselves the center of attention. For couples, these are egotistical people who believe any statement they make is true. They will come across as a know-it-all and constantly try to win every argument and have the last word in conversations. It is difficult to have a lasting relationship with someone who behaves this way because they will not treat you equally. Whenever you feel your heart is at risk of being crushed or life is going to be wrecked, quickly remove yourself from the situation and get far away.

8. The Walking Selfie

This kind of toxic person is difficult to understand. On the outside, they appear friendly, energetic, and stable. However, these people may come across as shy, insecure, and depressed. They do not like honesty, and therefore do not enjoy interacting with large groups of people. If you see a walking selfie, they will most likely be people who seem to be enjoying life, but in reality are terrified of being judged by others, admitting their faults, and being themselves when around other people, so remain cautious.

9. The Green Eyed Monster

If you know someone who criticizes or judges your accomplishments in order to feel better about their own insecurities, they would be this toxic person. Avoid anyone who fails to acknowledge your dedication to succeed, and does not encourage you when there is self-doubt. The Green Eyed Monster cares about greed and only has selfish intentions. They will lose their minds whenever you speak of anything fortunate or positive that happened either to you or someone else. Make sure to separate from people that will attempt to ruin your day by acting envious and making negative remarks.

10. The Tempermental

Everyone has bad days, and usually express their feelings in different ways. There are some that lose control when they get scared or upset, and this makes them toxic. The temperamental usually makes threats when they are at their maddest. Although you might not have been involved or the direct cause of their unfortunate circumstance, they will put the blame on you or someone else. If this happens you need to severe all contact with the person, until they calm down, apologize, and seek counseling before you or your friends end up getting hurt physically or mentally.

11. The Manipulator

When you see this toxic person in your group, they will be the one that pretends to be your friend, but their actual intentions are to deplete your energy. They can be difficult to uncover due to their seemingly positive attitude. The manipulator will always want something in return if you helped them with anything in the past. You cannot be friends with someone like this because they will not give back, and your generous and kind behavior will be taken for granted. Avoid this kind of toxic person since they will try to make you feel guilty and miserable if you refuse to do favors for them.

12. The Dementor

Similar to the creatures from "Harry Potter", these are people that will drain the positive energy out of any person, location or thing. They only discuss bad memories, and prevent anyone from feeling any sense of happiness. If you know someone who does this often, do not invite them anywhere. When hanging out in public with friends, if you see an old colleague or ex begin to embarrass you, only talk about the negative, and make anyone feel uncomfortable after they enter the room, they are likely a dementor, and you need to go to another place, so your afternoon or evening does not get ruined, and you are not left feeling sad and empty at the end of the day.

13. The Twisted

It is awful when you find out that certain friends do not always have the best intentions. With this toxic person, their true self is revealed by their personality, so they are easier to avoid. When you talk to them for a while and they will either mention a bad memory or ask you to help them. Either way, they are selfish and untrustworthy. The twisted only wants empathy, a personal assistant or someone to listen to their problems, but they do not care about you as a friend or individual. When this toxic person acts like this, and you catch on to their game, immediately end contact with them.

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