Some of the best lessons you'll learn in college won't be in the classroom. You'll meet so many new personalities and people along the way--much different than what you're probably used to. Knowing how to connect and speak with all different types of people is a great life skill, so get learning!

1. The dude bro.

You probably have some experience with these guys. They're usually working a little too hard to prove their dominance and reach their goal of trying to hook up with every girl on campus.

Where you'll find them: Your DMs, the gym, or your local frat house

How to spot one: Listen for "dude" and "bro" in the same sentence.

2. The lazy one.

If you've never seen this person outside, there's a good chance they fall directly into this category. With all the time they spend complaining about studying, they could probably have been done already.

Where you'll find them: Their bed. All of the time.

How to spot one: Look around for opened containers of Pringles on the floor and the looming smell of... something.

3. The self-proclaimed musician.

Beware of the guy who invited you to his dorm room to show you his guitar. He's probably going to play the intro to "Brown Eyed Girl" to try to swoon you. It's his go-to pick up line!

Where you'll find them: Cross-legged on the quad, the downtown vape shop

How to spot one: Just listen for that same guitar riff..over and over.

4. The one who spends 75% of their semester in handcuffs.

This guy is probably suppressing his alcoholism as you read this. He's definitely the one on campus you want to avoid.

Where you'll find them: Probably face down in someone's yard.

How to spot one: The beer pong table, the police station, or your roommate's side of the room.

5. The loud one.

College is all fun and games until your dorm neighbors decide to pregame for Thirsty Thursday when you have an exam tomorrow morning. Apparently quiet hours don't apply to them.

Where you'll find them: Their Snapchat story, the bathroom while they do their makeup

How to spot one: Listen for the "I'm from Jersey I'm just naturally this loud" and you'll know.

6. The overachiever.

Student body president. Leader of 5 clubs. Is currently learning 6 languages. Full-time worker. Is taking 21 credits. Stress apparently does not apply to these people.

Where you'll find them: The library, the student union, the auditorium... all at the same time.

How to spot one: Running around the student involvement fair

7. The theater kid.

Don't be fooled, music and theater majors are a ton of work! These people are usually the most passionate about what they're studying so don't be surprised if they constantly tell you about the 18 assignment they have due tomorrow or how nervous they are to perform.

Where you'll find them: The music building or the stage... CONSTANTLY!

How to spot one: Listen for constant show tunes or the sound of a trumpet coming from the laundry room

BTW: These are totally just some common stereotypes. Get to know people before you put them in a category, this is simply for humor!