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12 Types Of Men You'll Find On Tinder

So... wanna go back to my place?

12 Types Of Men You'll Find On Tinder

There are many different breeds of men in the Tinder world. And here are 12 of those different

1. The Ghoster.

He will probably be one of the most interesting men you have ever met. He will most likely start great conversations and you will probably have several things in common. You'll text for hours and even days and then all of a sudden he never messages you back and deletes you. You wait a few days to see if he will message you but he doesn't so you message him but no reply. Some men were never taught how to let someone down easy so their way is to just end all contact hence them being a Ghoster.

2. The Catfisher.

He has one photo and no bio but you swipe right anyways. You start talking and when you ask for more pictures he gets defensive and says his camera is broken or he doesn't have any. These are just a few signs of someone who is a catfish.

3. The Out of Town-er.

This guy seems like the perfect match honestly. He's educated, smart and can hold a conversation. You have a lot in common and you seem to have hit it off from the very beginning. And after a few weeks or months of talking you try making plans (something he's been trying to avoid) and he say's he actually lives half-way around the world. Well, now your fantasy of meeting up at the bar or at your local restaurant has been crushed.

4. The Rebounder.

This guy just got out of a relationship and they hoped on the tinder bus to try and heal the process up and they are honestly just looking for anyone and probably anything to hook-up with. He will actually probably leave out the part about just being dumped and act like he hasn't had a girlfriend in years. He doesn't care about your life story or how you are he just wants to use you to help him through his breakup up. He is okay to talk with for a little bit but don't get attached cause he might end up getting back with his ex.

5. The A-Hole.

He's been out of high school for a few years and he still get's off being an a-hole to people. His lack of awareness makes it so he doesn't realize how he comes off but honestly, he doesn't even care. He will tell you anything and everything, even when you didn't ask but he will still tell you about how many girls he slept with last night. Oh and he can't stand when people disagree with him Just know if you're ever in an argument with him you will never, ever win cause he always has to be right. The A-Hole is just someone you don't want to be with.

6. The Hopeless Romantic.

This guy is just an overall mess with his feelings and emotions. He's into long walks on the beach, enjoys watching Rom-com, horseback riding, afternoon picnics in the park and making homemade dinners. He will leave you little notes everywhere saying he misses you even though he just saw you a minute ago. He will most likely use his money to control you. He's basically the guy you read in every romance novel. If you find a man like this keep him and never let go.

7. The Sugar Daddy.

He's an older man who is into the younger woman and by younger, I mean by like 10-20 years younger. He is probably wealthy and will brag about his wealth to you and tell you about all of the luxurious things he owns. He will show you off to his colleagues to show he's still 'got it' but that's as valuable as you'll ever be to him.

8. The Clinger.

He will call you sweetie and baby right off the back. He will message you all day but won't even give you time to respond. And well if you don't respond he will panic and freak out and try to use any type of communication to get in touch. He has low self-esteem and constantly needs you to validate him.

9. The Health Nut.

He's super active and you'll be able to tell because his pictures are probably of him doing some sort of physical activity. His bio is his favorite activities and he also probably put something that's super cocky in it. He will probably judge you on what you eat and tell you that you need to work out.

10. The Cheater.

Not only is he taken, but he is also happily married with 5 kids. Cool. Not only have you found that him and his family live in a different state you found out that he thinks he's the "Greatest Dad EVER' But he fooled you cause he's been pursuing you for the last two weeks saying that he can make your life amazing and talking about the places he will take you.

11. The Netflix and Chiller.

Most men on tinder use tinder for hooking up but the Netflix and Chillers make it so that's not what they want to do. They will most likely ask to go on a date and then pull the "We can go back to my place next time" card. If a guy asks to do this say no cause honestly you could end up getting murdered.

12. The Great Catch.

Every now and then you will find a guy off Tinder who is a great catch. He may not be perfect but he is nice and honestly, that's all that matters. He not only wants someone to spend the rest of his life with but he wants to love. He actually lives in your time zone and doesn't have a secret family somewhere out there.

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