Though these are oddly specific, you'll probably have a friend that matches each of these descriptions -- and if you don't, you're most likely that friend. The following are 15 types of friends we all seem to have:

1. The hipster friend who brags about their jean jacket from the thrift store but thinks nothing about dropping $7 for a cappuccino.

2. The one friend who, when it comes to flirting, is about as smooth as chunky peanut butter.

3. The long distance friend who FaceTimes you twice a week and has a countdown until your next visit on their phone.

4. The one friend who is about 17 minutes late to EVERYTHING *cough cough, Nancy, cough cough*.

5. The dad friend who wears socks with sandals and laughs at their own puns.

6. The mom friend who makes puppy chow for every event and never fails to have Band-Aids and Advil in her purse.

7. The one friend whose laugh is 84747654x funnier than the joke itself.

8. The friend who, when people tell you not to tell anyone, doesn't count.

9. The one friend who you always end up day drinking on a Tuesday with.

10. The friend who has been everywhere and starts every story with, "The summer I was in London..."

11. The crazy-dog-mom friend who Snapchats you videos of her pup on an hourly basis.

12. The mean friend who you always have to mouth, "be nice," to when you introduce someone to them.

13. The Canadian-at-heart friend who ironically unapologetically apologizes over everything.

14. The one unlucky friend who always manages to trip up the stairs and sleep through their alarms on test day.

15. The grandma friend who always brings baked goods to events and awkwardly says "the" before every name (e.g. the Walmart, the Twitter).