The Two-Faced Company That Is Coca Cola
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The Two-Faced Company That Is Coca Cola

The Two-Faced Company That Is Coca Cola

According to Rhea Borja’s article in “Education Week”, entitled “Coca-Cola Plays Both Sides of School Marketing Game”, Borja has accused the massively renowned soft drink brand of indirectly going against its policies. It put an end to the various commercials and advertisements focused on their younger audiences, but instead created Swerve, an artificially flavored milk-based drink, available in most schools.

Borja also claims that these seemingly conflicting actions of Coca-Cola are nothing but acts to stay on the good side of the parents and educators of the younger generations. By participating in this “corporate philanthropy”, the pioneer of the soft drink industry has been successful in marketing their drinks under different subsidiaries, Minute Maid being the most popular among them. Professor Deron Boyles, a professor at Georgia State University, stated the charades to be “the most egregious form of doublespeak you’ve ever heard in your life”. Coca-Cola, by performing several double entendres to the masses, convince the customers into purchasing their various chemically filtered beverages, thereby filling their systems with unwanted chemicals and other such harmful ingredients.

Fortunately, some states, such as California and Arkansas have seen the reasons behind Coca-Cola’s constantly increasing profits, and have passed statutes to regulate foods and drinks in high school vending machines. Ever since 2003, over 20 states have followed in their footsteps and banned soda and candy sales in schools. Coca-Cola spokeswoman Kari Bjorhus, in retaliation, claims that the one and only intention of the company is to let parents know about the other beverages they have to offer, and not just the excessively sweet and carbonated soda they are known for. In fact, Swerve was introduced to schools to give students a healthier choice to Coca-Cola. Authorities against the company argue that these claims are “PR hogwash”.

No matter which side actually is considered the right one, Borja is upset that the public schools that once accepted the famously infamous soda in their domain, are now transformed into battle grounds where corporations fight for private profits, which lead to the endangerment of the future of this country.

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